Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sigh....The Things I Do....

Today I went looking for my mother.
Out on the roads of Southern Lancaster County.
But it is not what you think.
She is not losing her mind.
She is not in need.

Mom was working to help Jonathan
learn to drive.  
They had been gone for approximately
two hours and their stated destination was about
twenty minutes from our home.
Given the fact that Mom had intended to 
have Jonathan pick up our cell phone....
and he hadn't....
and that the gas gauge on that car doesn't 
work I was beginning to worry.

I tried not to worry.
Really, I did.

But it was such a hot day.
In my mind's eye I could just imagine them
stranded on the edge of a hot field.
No one around.

Then my mind went to the moments as 
Jonathan, Chelsea and I went 
bumping off the road and into a field
a few months ago....
but then my mind went further and pictured
the steep drop offs that I knew they would
encounter on their way to the park.  
What if they were down one of those?
What if no one had seen it happen?
Someone needed to care...
someone needed to look!

That was it. 
After leaving a note on the kitchen counter
instructing Jonathan to call us if they returned
before we did,
Chelsea and I climbed in the car.
She, offering to drive....
since she has the permit now
and everything....
I, however, was already too nerved up 
with my self induced stress.

So taking the roads I expected they 
had taken we headed off.
We arrived at the park I knew they 
were headed to.
No Mom.
No Jonathan.

We headed back toward home.
On the way we decided that we should probably
pick up a few things at the local grocery store.
As we pulled into the parking lot I scanned it for 
their car.  Perhaps they had stopped for lunch.
The pizza shop is pretty good here.
However there was no sign of them.

So, into the grocery we went.
No sooner were we in the door than 
the cell phone rang.
Jonathan was letting me know they were
safely at home.
I asked where they had been.
He was very matter of fact as he stated 
that they had stopped off for pizza.

Yes, at the very pizza shop I had just investigated.
They had left not fifteen minutes before.
So funny.
We were so close to discovering them.

Oh well, all that matters is that they 
were totally fine.
Thanks Mom for taking Jonathan out
on the big scary roads...
and the little tiny curvy ones too.


Stacey said...

That probably did wreck your nerves but it's sweet. :)

Theresa said...

So happy they were safe and that you got the groceries you needed:) Moms just can't help but worry about their kids AND their Moms! Sweet dreams dear Becky!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You all need to get more cell phones! :)

I'm glad they were okay - your Mom is sweet to take Jonathan out driving! He'll have that license in no time!

Bee said...

Teaching others to drive takes a special person...not to mention nerves of steel. Your mom, she is a treasure!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that both were okay.

Vee said...

It all worked out, Becky. I am a little concerned about that adrenalin rush you put yourself through. (I'm starting to sound like my doctor who did a very scary and thorough job of sharing with me just what such things do to the body over time. Apparently, I've got way too much adrenalin going way too often and now I'm all keyed up over that dashboard. Slow down, Vee. Breathe. And now I'm talking to myself!)