Saturday, July 23, 2011

Auction for A Great Cause

IF you knew that there were two children
languishing in an orphanage in Bulgaria...
would you wish to help?

IF you knew that these children had parents
longing to bring them to their forever home...
Would you wish to help?

Well, IF you are so inclined there is a very specific 
way to help.

Since my friend, Susanna has come back into my life
deep in the midst of an adoption of her own
my eyes have been opened to the needs of 
children in Bulgaria.

Thankfully, the money is nearly in place for 
their little Katerina.
Joe and Susanna are now in the waiting stage
for the Bulgarian government to assign 
them as Katie's parents.
Then they will go for a first visit
before a second allows her to come home.

However, Shannon and her family are 
still in the fundraising stages for their 
two......they are holding an online auction
on their facebook page.

Currently, I have a hot chocolate mug
in this auction, My friend Sheila has a cosmetic 
bag and there are all sorts of items including adorable hats,
earrings, baby shoes
a shrug, a bracelet and other things that 
have slipped my mind.

IF you are interested you can visit
the auction by clicking 
Just leave your bid in the comments under
each photo.

We cannot ALL bring home children
from other countries.
However most of us can 
assist those who have been 
called to this ministry in their homes.

In addition, let me show you the photo 
of a little girl who is in desperate need
of a life saving adoption.

This is Teri Lynn...
She needs help now.
Susanna has a more current photo
on her blog post.  I have linked below.
Much of the money has already been raised...
all Teri Lynn needs now are willing hearts and
a home......
I share this because I never know 
who God might lead to click on 
this blog and who just might be the 
family, individual or couple to 
save this young girl's life.
For more information about her
her story.
I can not tell it better.

To learn the miracles happening
in behalf of Teri Lynn you
can read what
No Greater Joy Mom has written.

Thank you for reading
and for anything you can do 
to spread the word.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I sobbed this week reading about Teri Lynn. This kind of thing is heartbreaking....

Do you mean that the money is available to adopt her, they just need someone to do the adopting?


Becky K. said... essence...already $22,000 has been raised. She needs a family to love her!

Vee said...

So many needs, so many children, yes, I'll go look and read this little one's story.

Vee said...

That was truly heartbreaking...

Susanna said...

Thank you, Becky!! xoxo

Susanna said...

Thank you, Becky!! xoxo

Melissa G. said...

I want with my whole heart to adopt her! My heart hurts so bad right now after reading her story.

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness... I wish I could adopt here too! My heart runneth over... I hope she gets a home and soon. Precious girl... Thank you for telling us about this, Becky. You always share such good things. Just wanted to thank you very much for your kind & loving comment at my blog. We are still very much in sorrow after the tragedy that took place here this weekend. It's just unfathomable... ((HUGS))

Theresa said...

Oh what wonderful hearts full of love and giving! Thanks for sharing these links and love stories with me!

Big hugs and many blessings!

krafterskorner said...

Great post! Thank you for caring for orphans!