Saturday, July 16, 2011


One of my husband's coworkers and 
dearest friends was killed in a motorcycle
accident last evening.
Warren had hired him
about five years ago.
They spent so much time together
at the lunch table, in meetings
or just working on projects together.

I'll not name him as the police
haven't yet.

Mikey was also very close to 
this man and looked up to him
He was such an encourager 
of Mikey's dirtbike rides.
They loved to ride the coal piles

We are just heartbroken.

Please pray for Warren, Michael and 
this man's family.

It is such a shock.

The reality of death 
Its hitting Mikey hard.
He'll miss this friend.
As will Warren.

He was a believer.
Praise God.

As you can imagine
it is taking heroic strength on my
part not to take this opportunity to 
drive home the fact that he was riding a
motorcycle and how dangerous they are.
You know how I fear having Michael on 
a street bike.
But God is helping me.

The link to the newspaper story
is here.

Hold tight to the ones you love
you never know.......
You just never know.


Terri said...

So sad. Hugs for all, prayers being said.

Theresa said...

Oh dear Becky, that makes me sad this morning for all of you and his family! I will pray for all of the broken hearts! BIG HUGS and PRAYERS!

Karen said...

I am so sorry, Becky.

Praying for comfort for his family and all the dear friends like your family that are left behind.

So thankful for the hope of heaven, and that you have the comfort of knowing your friend is there now.

Carol said...

I'm so sorry, Becky. When someone we care about is taken suddenly it is such a shock. I'm praying for his family and all of you. May you all feel God's comfort and love.

Love & Hugs,

Vee said...

I am so sorry for your loss in this lifetime. How good to know that your friend is with the Lord. What a tragic situation for you all and for his family. Praying for comfort for all involved.

jAne said...

my heart goes out to your husband, son, and especially this wonderful man's family. (((((hug))))) praying.

JD said...

Becky, My heart aches for you, Warren, and Your family. I will keep your family and your friends family in my prayers.

Bee said...

Becky...I am so sorry. We know how this will be a great loss to all of you. Carl wanted to know if this was the man that helped to tow the Buick up to the shop? Know that you are all in our prayers.

~PJ said...

So sorry to hear this Becky :(

blessedmom's simple home said...

So sorry to hear this. Earlier this week, a childhood friend of mine lost his 20yo son the same way. I'll be praying.

Gayla said...

Oh, I am so very sorry. So sad... Hugs and prayers

Kelly said...

I am so sorry for the pain your family is going through. I will be praying.

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Elena said...

I am so sorry for your loss and pain. My deepest sympathies are with you and your family.