Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Samson? And Wonderful News!!!

Chelsea was doing a photo shoot of her big 
brother.  I guess this was an artsy shot.
Since I have very little to share today....
this is what you get.

I could talk for hours about the candle stuff
but Chelsea says that gets boring.
I trust her input.

I will tell you that my friends, Joe and Susanna,
have gotten word that they can come and meet 
their new daughter. 
Because of the timing of this trip Joe 
will not be able to go
so Susanna will travel alone.
Brave woman!!
But, it is the next step in getting little 
Katerina to her new and very, very loving home.
I think Susanna would walk through fire 
to save this sweet, helpless child.

God is good.


Vee said...

Nice shot!

What a wonderful way to describe Susannah. May the Lord go before her, walk right beside her, and bring her safely home. May every single thing fall into place just as it should and may she not experience any anxiety as she leans totally on Him.

This is going to be so exciting and one of life's greatest blessings in their family.

Theresa said...

Great picture Chelsea! Talented photographer! I am so happy for Joe and Susannah! Can't wait for them to bring their daughter home! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Becky, Chelsea did an amazing job with the picture. It is great.

Have a blessed day.

Barb ♥

jAne said...

blessings unlimited happening.
sweet news about the baby..
and this picture is really good.
:o) jAne

Gayla said...

That is one of those pictures that would be neat to have framed... I love the composition of it.. I am happy about the new baby... What a happy trip! Yeah, she is a brave new mommy... Hugs and prayers.

Vickie said...

Blessings on Susannah and Joe as they begin the process of receiving their new little one! That is wonderful! We have some friends that adopted 2 little chinese girls and a little boy, too. They have the sweetest family!

Chelsea did a good job on the photo - she's a multi-talented gal, you know that Becky? Well, tell her I said so!

Ya'll have a good week!

Mrs.Rabe said...

We are so happy about Joe and Susanna's news!

Anonymous said...

You are funny Becky!!