Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Left The Camera In the Car...

I couldn't believe it last evening as we were all 
settled in around the table at Angela's Cafe'.
There we were to honor four sweet young ladies
of the church and I left my camera in the car.

Chelsea and Emma...again from Chelsea's Photo Files.
Mindy and Hannah being silly at a recent picnic.

Well, it was more than 90 degrees outside and we were
having fun and were comfy inside and so I decided
that photos were optional.  
Besides as I looked down the table I saw 
Chelsea's camera and was quite sure she was
taking pictures.
That was a wrong assumption.
She didn't take one!

Well, it is ok.
The evening was sweet.
We each shared in our own ways a 
message of love and hope with the girls.
We recognized that they are preparing for 
a new stage in their lives and that we want them to 
do so in an intentional way....
with their focus always on the Word.

My Mom did a very cute presentation to them
with props.  She talked about following a recipe
for life that comes from the Bible.
She had brought a mixing bowl,
a vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook
and lots of items that definitely 
wouldn't have gone together.
She pointed out that you cannot get delicious
chocolate cake by just using any old thing.
You have to follow the actual recipe to get 
the desired result.

It was so cool.
I think they will remember that one.

The evening finished off as we drove home...
Mom, Georgia, Chelsea, Me, Mindy
and Hannah in the van.
We ran into a doozy of a storm.
As we passed through the front edge the 
wind picked up, the rain came down and stuff
was flying through the air.
Something smacked into the windshield with 
a huge crack.
Thankfully the windshield held.
We screamed and then I found a driveway 
to turn into.
We had to get off the road!
Unfortunately for the resident teenager in this
particular home.
He was running around his 
living room in his undies.
He quickly drew the shades and we sat in the 
driveway praying that the storm would
pass by quickly.
I was so thankful for the placement of that
home's driveway.
We do feel so badly for any trauma we 
may have given that young man.

We made memories though.....
Oh yes.
More wonderful memories.


Vee said...

LOL! Oh that's funny. Not the windshield episode, but the poor guy running around in his skivvies.

Now when I leave the camera in the car on a hot day, I'm worried that it'll bake. Have you tested it out this morning to see if it's still working?

Love the life lesson that your mom presented. I think I'll remember that one, too. It reminds me of one a pastor gave a group of teens on the same theme. First he asked for a volunteer to eat the sandwich that he'd be making. One guy volunteered. Out of a grocery bag the pastor pulled some nice bread, a big jar of marshmallow fluff, a jar of Jif, a jar of strawberry jam. He made the sandwich. Things were looking good. Then, as a final touch, he added a heaping spoonful of dirt. We all got the message that day, too.

Theresa said...

Hi there my friend, sometimes it is OK to leave the camera in the car:) Sweet dinner for those girls and I love the presentation:)

Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
Thank goodness you were all okay and no broken windshield. Oh my that can be quite costly when that happens.

How funny for the teen. I bet he won't be running around his house anymore in his skivvies. I can hear the laughter in the van as I type.

Loved your Mom's comparison she gave. What a beautiful way to teach a little lesson.

Hope you have a great day sweet friend. Watch out for those doozy storms will ya? I hope one day to get back to Maryland and I so want to see you again.

Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a sight that must have been for everyone. Thank you for today's laugh.

Karen said...

I left my camera in its bag Sunday when we had the girls' b-day party. Not one single picture all day. I guess I was hoping someone else took some shots, too.

I love the idea of what you ladies did. What a great way to acknowledge their milestones, and let them know that there are many who support and care about them.

And when you wrote:

We made memories though.....
Oh yes.
More wonderful memories.

immediately following the story of the teen in his skivvies...that made me giggle. This memory might just be hilarious, not so wonderful.

Clarence has a friend who thinks the ultimate thing to do every time his wife is out of town is to run around the house in his underwear. We've laughed and laughed about that-honestly, why would that be something guys like doing?

Vickie said...

Ha! Love that embarrassed young man in his shorts! Bet he will be more careful next time!

Great lesson your mom gave the girls. So good to celebrate our kids and their accomplishments! Makes them want to keep striving!

Totally off subject - I must say, I LOVE sock monkeys. I still have mine from when I was a kid. ;)

Kelly said...

I am so disappointed that I missed that evening, as all of those girls are special to me. I love them all dearly. Of course, I love all of you ladies who were with them as well. I'm glad you all had a good time and were safe through the storm.