Friday, July 15, 2011

I Have Homemaker ADD Today....

It started at 5:30  this morning when the 
chickens were going absolutely bonkers 
out there.
I was convinced that the resident fox was 
tormenting them again and got up and 
ran out to give him the "what for!".

However, there was no fox.
It was an empty waterer
that had their feathers all in a 
fluff.  Good Grief!
Well, actually I am thankful that they 
tell us such things.
Sometimes they go through it so quickly....
and it has been hot lately.
My funny girl, Mabel, came into the 
box and chattered away at me....
pointing out the empty waterer.
Love that hen.

By the way, 
we have five chicks in the nursery.
We removed a hen and set her up
to raise them until they are big enough
to stand up to the rooster.
That rooster is a bugger!
I've seen him intentionally step on 
the more, big guy!!
No more!

I decided, since it was early, to 
peek out the front window and see
who might be playing in the field across 
the street.
There were five or six deer out there.
Some fawns and Mommas.
The fawns were playing together...
chasing each other and bounding about.
So fun!

Well, anyway so the hens
had me awake and the dogs 
were up early. 
Up and out with belly aches.
Someone....(me)....had given them
too much table food.
I've been cleaning up messes
over the past 18 hours so when they were 
eager to get outside and then were quite
busy with making themselves feel better 
I started weeding my perennial bed.
Now I thought I would just pull a few weeds.
Then one thing led to another and I did the whole bed.
Wow!  Did it need it!
I also took out most of the mallow as the 
Japanese beetles were attacking it and it 
was looking rather ugly.
While I was out there pulling weeds I saw that 
they launched two hot air balloons today.
I'm going to show some of Chelsea's Photos soon.

But for this post I have included pictures I took 
yesterday at Longwood Gardens.  We took a 
quick trip over there yesterday afternoon.
It was nice to be there again.
It had been too long.

I came inside and decided to pay the bills.
Got that done....
Decided to start some wash....
Started that....
Found some coupons for Costco....
Cut those out.

It is 8:11 am and I am trying to decide which 
direction to head in next.
I have a whole host of things on my 
"to do" list for today.
Good thing I got a head start!

Here's the tentative list:

Four loads of laundry
Scrub bathroom and kitchen floors.
Get groceries
Make 5 hot chocolate mugs
Make 2 new bowl candles

What are you up to today?

Hopefully you are able to focus......


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds like a great day, yesterday and today so far!

Poor doggies...

I am off for groceries, then perhaps work in my cottage garden out front!

Have a fun day!


Elena said...

Wow, now that sounds like a busy day! I was up at 5am with our puppy and glad I got a good night's rest. My husband I got up, I played with the puppy and he fixed breakfast. Mary then got up and we played with the puppy and my hubby went to work and now my day begins:)

Terri said...

I had to be at work today and I am having ADD here! It's lunchtime and I am blogging a little. I have several things on my desk and not a one of them is getting finished!

Anonymous said...

Lunch with friends!

Kelly said...

Wow, that's some to do list. I have decided to shoot to complete just two or three things in a day until my health is back up to snuff, because I get frustrated if I can't get everything done that I want to get done in a day. So, today, I purchased fruit at Green Dragon, made rice pudding and did some laundry, and I feel good about that. Tomorrow I will bake banana bread and finish laundry and help Anthony pack.

Theresa said...

WOW, you made me tired:) Love the gorgeous blooms and it was nice to hear about the chickies!

I hope that you enjoy your weekend! Rest a big:)


Vee said...

ADD seems to be working for you! I was sorry to hear about your mallow because I've been waiting for someone to have some so I could see what it's supposed to look like. Mine looks kind of ill, though it is budding. My bee balm got totally chewed up by potato bugs or perhaps Japanese beetles. I've been picking them off daily and sprinkling the plants with bug dust. I'm sick of bugs ruining my flowers.

Anonymous said...

You lead a very busy us! Enjoy your weekend!! :)