Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photography 101

What not to do.....

Last night I decided to list this new candle in my Etsy shop.  This meant I needed photos.
Now, I have learned how wonderful natural light is in photography.  I know this. 
However, I just wanted to get the candle listed so I took these in the kitchen....
with the flash (Gasp!) and slapped them online.

I knew better.  I even told the ladies I chat with on our Christian Artists Team that I 
wasn't happy with the photos.  Of course they were kind and said they looked pretty 
to them...but I knew.  I knew that my impatience had caused me to do less than my best.

So...this morning found me outside in the natural light taking photos that show the 
true colors and shine of this lovely piece.  Just look at how it came to life!

Only time will tell if I actually learned this lesson.
Patience.....natural light.
They are so important!

Another Component,
as pointed out by my dear friend Vee,
Blending of background and style of subject.

Now, as I told her, I knew better.
I had to come inside for the camera card and meant
to grab a pretty doily.
I forgot it and was just too lazy to
come back for it.

So....after she suggested it I decided
to take photos again.
I love doing this and so it was no hardship.
I went outside with a little stool I use at shows.
It was all set up...I snapped a shot.

But it just wasn't making me happy against the
grass.  This candle would not be one you would likely
burn on a deck.  It's a bit dressier than that.
So back inside to find a well lit spot.
Set up again.
Here you are....

Now, I didn't do any cropping or editing on these.
They are simply to show the difference in display.

Thanks, Vee.
You are my conscience sometimes.


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is a beautiful container! And yes, that natural light is so much better. It's hard to be patient though, isn't it?


Kelly said...

Patience is a virtue we could all use some work on, I think. The photos in the natural light are much better. Flash is never a good idea for showing something's true beauty and colors, but studio lighting works well too if it's available to you.

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful!!!!! Great job! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Vee said...

I do like the beauty of natural light. It does reveal the qualities of this lovely piece. May I offer more? ☺

Becky K. said...

Vee...You have more advice? Fire away.

Kelly, Sadly, no, Beau did not come home. We are sad...Georgia is very, very sad!

Melissa G. said...

Natural light makes a world of difference!

Vee said...

Wow. You took it several steps beyond again... As you know, I made changes this morning as well because of a blogger comment. Sometimes we just are too close to the wall to see it. Looks great!

jAne said...

beautiful candle and lovely photographs (2nd set). :o) flash and i are not friends.

Elena said...

Beautiful! I love the natural light too. That is what I want to do with Rich's lamps when we get ready to photograph them, is to take them outside.