Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keeping The Right Company.....A Devotional

Mister is learning.
Remember Mister?
The one who isn't ours but 
lives here anyway?

Well, he is changing and growing.
It is more common now for me to 
let him out unleashed with the other 
two morning and evening.

He does what they do.
Hunts a good spot for his business
and then runs back to me looking
for my favor.  

Makes me smile!

Now instead of two dogs
all excited and looking for a treat
after a morning outing, there are three.

Georgia noticed the difference in him
this week and commented on how much
he has changed.

Now, I still put him in his crate when
we have visitors....and most of the time 
when he is outside he is in a large fenced area
where he is very content.  But I want him to 
learn to be a part of this "pack".
To learn from the older dogs and know his
place and the expectations here.
He is getting it.

At least once a week he takes a journey 
up the hill to visit other scents and smells
but he always comes running back to my arms....
faster each time.
Soon he won't feel the need to wander.
Everything he needs and wants will be right here.

Isn't that what it can be like in our Spiritual walk?
At first it is unfamiliar.
We see the guidelines as rules and regulations.
Sometimes we push against them
and feel a bit stifled.
But as time goes on and we mature
and grow to know the One who made the rules
we come to understand that they are there for our good.
It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have done well.

Our desire to run off to the big world to see what we 
are missing has less and less appeal because the love
of God is so real and strong in our hearts that 
nothing else compares.
The brightest lights.."out there"...
have nothing on the peace that passes
all understanding.

Just as Mister is learning to trust my voice,
so I am learning daily to lean more and more
on my Heavenly Father.
He knows what is best for me.


Anonymous said...

Becky, This is a great illustration! Birds of a feather... Have a blessed Sunday!

Vee said...

Very neat analogy. I think of Mister as yours now and don't imagine him ever going to his former home. What do you think?

Theresa said...

Well said dear Becky! Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Becky, such a blessing to read this.

I am so sorry about the loss in your last post. Sending you and your family my heartfelt prayers.

Love, Barb

Bee said...

What a good post Becky! It doesn't surprise me that Mister is changing. Being loved by your family, in your home, is a wonderful experience! Speaking as someone who knows. :)

Kelly said...

Love the analogy. Sounds to me like Mister is becoming a permanent fixture at your home.