Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grandma Ruth Is Funny

My Mom is a hoot.
She is so much fun to be around
and is always thinking of creative gifts.

Last Christmas I decided to get Warren's Mom
a hot air balloon ride for her main gift.
She loves adventure and has often commented 
that she would enjoy a balloon ride.

Groupon was running a deal so I told Mom
and she got one so Georgia wouldn't have to go
Well, actually she got two.
You know how they say to just click once?

Well, what to do with the extra ticket?
Miss Chelsea, of course.
We decided in December that it would be 
part of her 16th birthday celebration.

So the ride is scheduled for an early morning 
next week, as long as the weather is good.

However, when we went to Ruby Tuesday for 
Chelsea's Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner Mom was 
quite concerned about something she was carrying in 
a gift bag.  
She said several times that Chelsea's gift was disappearing.
We thought it must have been something cold that was 
melting.  But when we got to the restaurant Mom went to
the restroom to "fix" it.
That didn't really make sense.

You really should click on this to see the little people.
So very funny.
The little people in the basket actually have their faces.
Apparently the balloon kept losing air
so a quick trip to the ladies room to blow it up again 
and all was good.
Hope their balloon holds up better than this one.

It will be very early in the morning but I plan
to go along and take lots of pictures to share.

Have a splendid day today.
Keep cool if you can.
Oh, and based on yesterday's post you might
think I am wishing for snow....
I would take 75 and no humidity 
but I was really pointing out the extremes
and how far away one seems from the other.


Theresa said...

Oh how fun, early morning adventure! Sweet gift for the Mom's and for Chelsea! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!

jAne said...

brave ladies .. all three!
what a wonderful way to celebrate.

love the 'little people'. :o)

Mrs.Rabe said...

How fun will that be? I can't wait to see your photos!


Doris said...

Sounds like fun! I think I would love a ride too but my hubby thinks I'm nuts....I am soooo afraid of heights! Maybe I am nuts ;o)

That birthday gift is so creative. Love the little people!

Vee said...

Let me tell you that 85 and no humidity feels great.

What a fun little balloon. What a great gift! I'm pretty sure that these three gals are going to have the time of their lives. Hope that they'll take a picture or two.

Vickie said...

Such a cute birthday present! Grandma Ruth IS funny! Can't wait to see your pictures, Becky! That ought to be loads of fun!

Dmarie said...

Grandma Ruth IS a hoot! I once pasted little head shots onto a postcard of a group of priests...daughter away at college loved it! Now I'll have to figure out how to make little people like those in this post. Thanks and love the adventure gift idea too!

Bee said...

Your grandmas are the greatest!
They are adored by all who know them.

Anonymous said...

What a creative birthday gift for Chelsea!