Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

 My daughter is such a great sport!
Yesterday I decided to make blueberry muffin candles.

Then I decided that this fragrance rocks 
so much
that it is going to be one of the ten
I offer for the Fall/Christmas Fundraisers.

Since I am currently working on the flyer
that the groups use to sell from 
this meant that I needed
a photo.  

Wouldn't a photo with actual muffins look great?
Of course it would....
Who likes to bake at our house?
Of course Chelsea does.

She did me so proud.
These are awesome looking muffins.
They are so large with a wonderful crunchy top.
Truth be told they taste amazing too.
I might know that from experience.
Just maybe.

If it weren't for our noncommercial kitchen this kid
and I could combine our talents and sell these 
as a set.  
Then we would have something!

Just look at that goodness.

And the candle smells every bit as good as the
muffins taste.  Not a disappointment.
Not one bit.

Now for sale in my Etsy Shop...
or by contacting me directly.

I just have to laugh at how the simplest things
turn into events.  I had intended to make a
bunch of different types of candles yesterday.
I got the blueberry ones done.
That's it.
By the time the muffins were done,
I had designed labels...
using our newly upgraded account
at Picnik!
(It is great!)

Then there was the photo shoot
itself...gathering up plate, stand, table covering.
Moving the table to a good spot in the yard.
Begin taking photos....
change the batteries.
Continue taking photos.

Clean everything up.
Download the photos.
Crop the perfect photo for the flyer
and Etsy shop.
Create listing.
Work on Flyer.

So...as you can see
a lot more goes into a candle business
than just sticking a wick in a container
and pouring the wax.
Many details even in those steps before
you get to what I just described.

But I LOVE it!!

I hope you have half as much fun as we
do with your creative ventures.


Theresa said...

Looks yummy, the muffins and the candle:) Enjoy your day dear Becky... whatever you do with it! BIG HUGS!

Vee said...

I'll be contacting you! Yes, blast it, Chelsea made those muffins look way too good. Now I really want some and I have blueberries. Oh dear. What's a dieter to do?

Mrs.Rabe said...

I can't wait to smell this one! I love this kind of candle - mmmm. Can I buy directly from you or do you want me to go through Etsy?

I'll even pick it up! :)


~PJ said...

Oh that looks great! I'm going to have to order a large batch to make my new home in Cali smell delicious... that is once it's cool enough to ship there!

Gayla said...

These look yummy. Your candles rock! I bought the cappuccino, the lavender and the cookie. They are all delicious. The blueberry muffin would be divine!!!

sammysgrammy said...

Delightful post

Tricia said...

Sounds yummy BIG time! My belly is grumbling at me after looking at those superb looking muffins!!

Julia Badgley said...

Those muffins looks great, and I'm sure the candle smells good too.
I can relate to one thing leading to another... and what I intended to get done, doesn't all get completed! Well, it seems like you still got a lot accomplished even though you didn't do all the candles you would have liked:)
Keep blogging!

Lizzi said...

My mouth was watering the whole time. WHY did you do that to us? :-) You got a couple bonuses from your candle-making that day!

Crystal said...

It was nice to get a behind the scene look into your candle business. Glad you enjoy it.
Thanks for sharing.

Muffins look yummy

Crafty Mommas said...

oh they just look so good! neat write up on the background to the biz too!

Angels and Everlastings said...

There is a lot of work to having a Etsy shop and selling on line. I hope you got around to eating the muffins - they look great!

myeuropeantouch said...

Yummy, good enough to eat...♥

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

The muffins looks like they would smell heavenly. If the candle smells even a little bit like the muffins look, it will be a good seller! By the way I am happy that I was eating a slice of blueberry bread from Bob Evans at the time I was reading this. Otherwise I might have got hungry for a blueberry muffin! OH! and we have fresh blueberries now .. in our backyard! Perhaps home-made blueberry muffins WILL be on the agenda this weekend!