Monday, May 9, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend and a Practical Joke

You should have been here to smell these amazing pancakes.
I was told they were going to be lemon pancakes with
blueberry topping...
However, we didn't have enough blueberries on hand to 
make a topping.
Therefore, they had a cream cheese/lemon topping
that was amazing!
Just the right amount of tartness to offset the sweetness of the 
lemon pancakes themselves.

Thanks Chelsea!!
We loved them.


On a totally different subject...
Our Pastor is so much fun.
He has been teaching a class on Paul's Missionary 
Journeys for the past 20 weeks.
Yesterday was the final class.
When we met on Thursday for music practice
he asked if Warren and I could come up with 
"photo of Paul" that had our friend Duane in it.
We agreed that we could do this and then
forgot to do it.
Until we returned home at 11:30pm Saturday night.
There was a message on our answering machine
from Pastor Mike reminding us about the 
picture.  Oops!
Thankfully I already knew which picture
of Duane I would use.
That meant that I had to find something that 
would fit the Apostle Paul.
A quick Google search turned up a lovely
photo which I borrowed.
Thanks Google Images!

 That looks like Patrick Stewart to me, 
do you agree?
I loved him in Star Trek!

Anyway, having never used the extract feature in 
Photo Shop I quickly studied the instructions
and after a mistake or two came up with this.

Pastor Mike had everyone's full attention as he 
told us that sometime in the 1970's an artist was 
commissioned to paint a picture of the Apostle Paul.
Then this picture was flashed up onto the screen.
You should have heard the gasps and then the laughter.
It was great!!
Poor Duane, I guess this is what you get when you 
are the one in the church who specializes in making
people smile.  Duane is a very fun guy.


Saturday was a fun day of getting ready
for a Mother's Day picnic on the deck.

All of the winter yuck was still out there
and I had not planted anything in the many 
planters out there.

So, Chelsea and I visited our local Agway
and Kimrik Garden Center to get
flowers and potting soil.
Watch for a post on Kimrik coming soon.
I plan to go back and get photos and speak 
with the owner a bit. 
She has agreed to an actual blog post all 
about her fabulous store.

Anyway, we came home and planted all of our
goodies.  They spruced up the deck perfectly.
In a couple of weeks the containers will be bursting
with color and happy plants.

Chelsea got three herb plants and is 
looking forward to making her first 
basil mozzarella pizza with her own basil.
I'm looking forward to that too.

The weather was perfect for the picnic on 
Sunday and we had a marvelous time
with both our Moms, Pastor Mike and 
our friend Jenny.
Interesting note:
Jenny has spent a lot of time in the restaurant 
industry and she told us that you should 
never put sugar on strawberries.
You should salt them.
This makes them taste sweeter.
Have you ever heard of that?
We hadn't.
It kind of makes sense but scares me
at the same time....

This just barely scratches the surface of our weekend.
It was good.  I am blessed.
More photos of our flowers....

I am considering making these into 
cards for my Etsy store....
Any opinions?

I need something to keep the store 
open during the hottest months of the Summer
when shipping soy candles is a bad idea.


Bee said...

I love the photo....I have to show Carl. I think Duane would be upset if he wasn't the one in the photo.

You are great with Photoshop!!! See you don't need me anymore. :(
I don't think you ever just made me feel needed.

It sounds like you and your company had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Becky K. said...

My dear Bee, I will always need you. Friends like you are very hard to come by....and your talent is way out of my reach!!

Love you.

It was fun... I was thinking of you as I did it!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job in Photoshop extracting and combining images! Your opening picture (and description) of the pancakes makes my mouth water! Beautiful pictures of the flowers!

Vee said...

If you make notecards out of your flower pics, consider me a customer. I have been looking for notecards. If you happen to photograph a swan and make it into notecards, I'd be a customer as well. ;>

What a fun "trick" played on Duane. Sounds like fun all around.

Beautiful pancakes...way to go, Chelsea.

So glad that you had a wonderful day!

Gayla said...

Looks as if you guys had a wonderful weekend! What fun.. Those pancakes look amazing... I don't think salt would help a strawberry... But butter might...???? However, dunno.. Haha..

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Well, yay for Chelsea twice!! Glad to hear your mothers day was a bit special.

Tracy's corner said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Love the picture of Duane

Theresa said...

What a wonderful weekend and BUSY:) I love staying busy! Beautiful flowers! Enjoy your day my friend! Big HUGS!

Vickie said...

Hey Becky! Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for your sweet comments on the wedding!

I think cards would be a great idea - especially since you've got some beautiful photos of your flowers - say, what's that hot pink/white and the purple/white flowers? Those are gorgeous - first I thought petunias, but then I decided no.

And is there some plumbago, too? I had some last year and it was supposed to be a perennial here in Texas, but it got too hot I guess and bit the dust...

Nice to be back! I have alot of catching up to do!

(Great joke, by the way!)