Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iris Eyes Are Smiling

 A very corny title for this Outdoor Wednesday Post.
Mrs. Rabe, I saw those eyes
But, I am what can you expect?

Hope you have a few minutes to visit around and 
see what is happening outside homes around the world.

 Over this past week or so 
every time I drive past 
my Mom's house I see these amazing Iris.
So I decided that they needed to be shown.

 Mom's neighbor is a State Trooper
who just happened to come home as I 
was on my knees on very wet ground, 
behind the flowers and facing his home, 
taking photos of these Iris.

 He headed over to chat.
I wonder if he was thinking I was up to no good.
Anyway, I think he knows now that I really was taking
photos of the flowers.

He also happens to have been the parent
at the bus stop the day I lost it at our
If you want a laugh at my expense you 
can read about it here and picture a stern
looking police officer wondering who I 
am screaming at.
I was way too embarrassed to go out
and explain...never have.
As far as he knows I yell and scream at
my children or the pets or my husband or something.
I'll bet he never would have thought that it was the 
dishwasher that caused all of that distress.

 The wind was blowing like crazy so
the photos aren't what I had pictured in 
my mind's eye...but who can resist the 
green and purple?

Thanks for stopping by!

If you haven't done so yet I hope you will 
visit my cousin, PJ, and enter to win 
a $25 credit to my Etsy Candle Store!


Gayla said...

Simple elegance.... " Iris"= I could be there with ya!
pure corn

Bee said...

I love the photos! My parents had flowers like that when I was growing up.
I love your post title, very creative. I try to come up with creative titles, too.
The police officer...I have to laugh every time I think of the dishwasher meltdown. You know we've all done things like that! You're not alone!
I visited PJ's site and made a comment about your wonderful candles. I'm not sure it would let me leave my identity. I'll have to go back and check again.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I did NOT roll my eyes! I smiled! I had a feeling it was about these beautiful flowers! Your Mom's are so beautiful! I love that deep purple!

Love Bears All Things said...

Very pretty....I am often seen in my neighborhood or someone else's taking photographs. I don't care if they think I'm crazy but hopefully they can see that I'm harmless.
Mama Bear

Vickie said...

Oh this is too funny, Becky. How 'bout you getting arrested for trespassing or something out there just taking pictures! And screaming at your dishwasher - arrested for domestic violence! People, we're gonna have to keep an I(ris) on this gal!

More "corn". HAve a good one!

Theresa said...

So pretty dear Becky! I have some Iris too but they are not that plentiful with the blooms! I had to giggle about you taking the picture with the officer looking on! I am always snapping pictures in the weirdest positions:)

Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Elena said...

Those iris are spectacular!!

Karen said...

The are just lovely!

Ours are but buds still-your season is ahead of us. Thanks for sharing while I wait for ours to open.

Stacey said...

Wow those irises are beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.

Don't feel too bad about yelling at the dishwasher. We've all yelled at some inanimate object at one time or another. ;)

Anonymous said...

The irises are beautiful!