Monday, May 2, 2011

My First Etsy Purchase...Brin Made These

You knew it had to happen.
There was something that piqued
my interest enough to order them.

It didn't hurt that Brin was
running a special price either.

I've read Brin's blog,
few years now and have to sometimes
hold on to avoid whiplash with all of the
twists and turns her life takes.

But, you know, the wisdom that comes
from this young woman sometimes just
blows me away. She has survived a broken
marriage, the purchase and loss of a home,
the opening and closing of an adorable 
bakery and a fabulous trip to Europe.
Brin is very crafty and resourceful
with a great eye for beauty.
She is in the process of settling down
once more.
We are invited on the journey.

You may be wondering what it was that actually got
me to spend hard earned candle money....
It was these adorable book corners.
I'll confess to being a corner folder.
I feel a twinge of guilt every time I bend those 
sweet little corners.
Well, I don't have to do that anymore. more book left open with spine bent.

The ones with words might be my 
favorites because I keep trying to figure
out if they are from a classic or just a random book.
The words seem familiar.
I think at some point when my brain gets tired
of trying to figure it out I will Google
the words and see what they are from.

to visit Brin at either her blog or Etsy
just follow the links in this post.

I am tickled with my purchase...
small though it may have been.

I'm loving Etsy.....both as a new buyer and as a seller.

Today Melissa will choose a winner of a $25 gift certificate to 
Wonder if it will be you??

Thank you, Melissa, for hosting this.
I love your fabulous photography and 
appreciate your friendship!!


Theresa said...

Lovely purchase and useful too! I have never seen a book corner, see what blogging teaches us? New things:) Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!

Vee said...

Those little book corners are so cute. I considered them, too, when I saw them at Brin's. (I really wish that she would publish a devotional. She already has enough material. Why won't people do what I want them to? LOL!)

Gayla said...

Those are really cute... You deserve a treat!

Amy said...

Very sweet! LOve your blog! Amy

Maurie said...

What a fabulous, creative idea--book corners! I love it!