Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crazy Busy Day Ahead

 Childcare at MOPS, 
a visit to my friend with cancer
and making of a very large order of 
candles for a teen raising money for a mission
trip.  This guy is a selling machine, I tell you!

So, I will leave you with 
these photos of my latest 

 I made the Orange Blossom candle
that is inside the hurricane style holder
thinking it would be an independent candle.
But as I was looking at our local Thrift Store for
more glassware it struck me....
These were made to go together!!
Not that this piece was at the Thrift Store!
It has been in our home 
for the past few years.
But, it suddenly came to mind
as I was looking for something else.

I was right!!
What a pretty centerpiece these make.

So, out to the deck I went to take photos
for the posting.
When I came back and downloaded them
I had to chuckle at how many 
Bandit had happened to get herself into.
That diva!

I hope your day is lovely!
I might have to do my visiting 
in little bits today.
But, I'll do my best to get around
because you are so very interesting!



Vee said...

Oh that piece is so pretty. I can just imagine it glowing in the middle of a table.

Perhaps you need to hire that selling dynamo. ;>

All the best with your busy day...

Mrs.Rabe said...

Have a great day!

Carol said...

What a beautiful piece! Perfect for sping & summer!


Theresa said...

Beautiful candle dear Becky! Have a sweet and productive day! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful centerpiece!

~PJ said...

The colors remind me of the pinks we see to support the end of breast cancer. Like all of your things I love it.

Man we have a creative and talented family!

Elena said...

That is beautiful!!