Saturday, May 21, 2011

Could the World End Today?

Man that is a loaded question.

One that has made many people
I am sure some have been in 
tears as they have watched
family members sell
all and walk away
in a mistaken belief that a man
could calculate the date and time
of Christ's return.

May 21, 2011

My friend, Sue, called this week
to ask if I had purchased my 
end of the world pet insurance.
We giggled.

But, over all, this breaks my heart.
Because it gives the world one more 
reason to doubt those who believe.
The Bible is pretty clear when it comes
to specific timing of His return.

Only God, the Father knows.

Matthew 24:36
“But about that day or hour 
no one knows, 
not even the angels in heaven,
nor the Son, but only the Father."

Could the world end today?
Could it end tomorrow?
Should we be ready?

There were hundreds thousands of people
this week who went into eternity
Whether it was a heart attack, an overdose,
car accident or a stroke...
Their day of reckoning has happened.
We never know.

Am I going to do anything differently 
today than any other day?
Probably not intentionally.
Because in my heart of hearts
I try always to be ready.
Keeping things right and clear
but knowing that the work of my salvation
and my future is secure in 
my Savior, Jesus Christ.
It isn't anything I do, 
or don't do, 
on a daily basis.
I did not earn this.
And neither can, or did, you.

 In him we were also chosen, 
having been predestined 
according to the plan of him 
who works out everything
in conformity with the purpose 
of his will, 
in order that we, 
who were the first to put 
our hope in Christ, 
might be for the praise of his glory.   
And you also were included in Christ 
when you heard the message of truth, 
the gospel of your salvation. 
When you believed, 
you were marked in him with a seal,
the promised Holy Spirit, 
who is a deposit guaranteeing 
our inheritance until the redemption 
of those who are God’s possession
—to the praise of his glory. 

He chose me,
changed me
showed me the way
to belief.

Thank you, Jesus.


Carol said...

Great post, Becky. I feel the same as you.


Vee said...

Becky, you have a much sweeter, dearer take on this topic, which I also discussed today. I love your take!

LV said...

A wonderful post fill with inspiring words. No the world will not end today. No one on this earth should even predict such things.

Anonymous said...

It is sad so many are deceived! But then that number must not read the scriptures if they are that naive to believe a mere man! We can't trust our government no less an unknown man....

Theresa said...

Love this post! I'm ready when it happens, just don't believe anyone on Earth knows the date or time:) If it were to happen today at 6PM, I wouldn't be left behind!

Have a blessed weekend! Big hugs!

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful post Becky! I always enjoy visiting you and your daughter. Anne

Karen said...

When I hear things like this prediction, I figure I then know one particular time it *won't* happen. ;-)

Great point, though, about how many people enter eternity unexpectedly every day. We need to always be ready.

Good post!

Karen said...

PS-I just noticed your profile picture was different. I like it!

Did you get a new haircut, too?

Vickie said...

Great post, Becky - You know, we laugh and make jokes, and I did, too. But it was so sad to hear about all the folks that believed this kooky guy. He's now rescheduled the rapture for October 21 I think. It casts a cloud on the name of Christian for sure. But I, like you, am secure in my relationship with Christ and it doesn't matter the time or hour to me cuz I know where I will be. In fact, all my family members are Christians. I didn't want the Lord to return til all my kids were saved. They are now, so He can come anytime he wants! We are instructed to watch every day! Thanks for a great post - you are so good about speaking your faith in the Lord!