Monday, May 30, 2011

With Sincerest Thanks....

This is an amazing country!
Sure, we aren't without our faults
but we are free.

We are blessed.

Art courtesy
Freedom comes with a price.
That of the lives of brave men and women
who were willing to serve in our military.

Warren and I each had a grandfather
who served in World War II.
They lived to tell the tales
but so many did not.

I send my grateful thanks to those families
who endure the pain of loss
for the sake of our freedoms.

Photo courtesy Google images.

Today we remember those who 
lost their lives in pursuit of 
all for which 
America stands.


LV said...

Our country is indeed in a terrible state now. Regardless, I love it and proud to be an American.

SmilingSally said...

Love that beautiful American blue. I remember.

Thanks, Becky.

Gayla said...

So true. My dad was in WW2, and he came home as well... I had an uncle who did not. Today is not a day for bbq and festivities without a thought for the real reason of its creation. However, getting together as a family is never a bad reason to celebrate. Hugs to my friends in PA

Bee said...

My father served in WWII. The war ended as he was completing his training. He occupied Japan.

Vee said...

A lovely tribute, Becky...

Theresa said...

My Dad served in WWII also! I am proud to be an American! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!