Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How About We Just Chat Today?

I have no pressing theme for this post.
Just a bunch of little tidbits to share that 
are kind of random.

For instance, 
my cousin Nathan is going to 
be on American Idol again tonight.
How cool is that??
I, however, will not be watching it in 
real time because it is the annual
Mother/Daughter Banquet
at Georgia's former church in York.
This is an annual tradition.
We look forward to it.
Great food and seeing 
friends and family that are not a 
part of our regular lives.


On the candle front,
the Centerpiece I showed you 
yesterday is on its way to 
surprise a Mom in 
New England.
Her daughter in Georgia
purchased it and I was thrilled
to get to be a part of the surprise.
I have been praying without 
ceasing that the USPS won't 
break it on the way.
I don't know how they manage
to break so many things....
but they do.
I have insured it but also have
a back up plan in case the worst case
happens.  This is a hard one
because I can't replace it with 
an identical item.
So, I'll keep on praying!!

Mikey has a new dirtbike.
This thrills him.
Me, not so much.
It is not any old dirtbike.
It is a race bike.
The very one that nearly killed 
one of my 
husband's co-workers
the first time he rode it.
I'm not kidding.
They literally couldn't 
find a pulse in the ambulance.
He had many surgeries and was in
very bad shape for a long time.
Do you think that I need to learn 
to trust God more?
Is that why I am afflicted with 
this bike?

At least it is not the 
street bike he wanted.
I think I would have just died
without waiting for a disaster 
to happen.


Chelsea's graduation is 
less than a month away.
It doesn't seem real.
Chelsea is already preparing for the next 
two years.
She is going to take music lessons,
concentrate on her writing,
and work on her voice and 
singing/speaking abilities.
She will continue to work on 
her art and cooking skills.

Want to vote for her on today?
Go to and vote for tomorrow's
favorites.....She is 100truffles and it is
a marvelous chocolate cake.
She is practicing for the 
Hershey Classic Cake Contest
coming up this Fair Season.

I guess you could consider
Chelsea's future plans a fine arts program 
of her design, if you will.

She also plans to open an Etsy store
featuring her artwork in various forms
and hopes in a couple of years to find
an internship in songwriting.

No lack of planning or dreams here.

Jonathan was hired by my favorite
home decor store.
He works just one day a week right now,
unloading the truck, but hopes that it might 
work into more.
We will see.
At least it will give him a bit more 
spending money and something current
for his resume.
The first night was challenging as he had to 
unpack a ton of mirrors.
He wasn't sure he was up to that challenge
each week but this past week went much better.  
No mirrors!
He'll get used to it.
Learning a new job always takes a bit.
Well, I've chatted at you long enough.
Please have a wonderful day.
You can picture me in the kitchen
pouring candles....
One set going out to the winner of 
Congratulations to Joanna!!
Thanks to all who entered.
I appreciate you!!


Carol said...

I will be watching Idol tonight, is he playing for Lauren again? : )


Becky K. said...

Yes, Carol, he is playing for Lauren. He is so excited!

Vee said...

Praying along with you that the candle arrives safely.

The kids all sound busy. I would be panicked about such a bike. But what can a mom do? (My daughter is riding her bike to work daily because she refuses to buy gas at these prices. Good grief!)

Have a lovely evening at the Mother/Daughter banquet. That's such a cool thing to do together and a wonderful way to catch up with old friends.

Theresa said...

Nathan is getting to be a regular on Idol:) I will not be watching either, but I'll catch his performance on tape!

You are a busy lady with lots of plans, kids to keep up with and candles to pour/pack/mail:) Hope you get everything done today that you need to accomplish!

Have a blessed day, HUGS!