Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fair Weather Girl Goes Outside

You know it is just perfect outside if
I go out of doors voluntarily.

I don't like cold.
I don't like heat.
I despise humidity.

My family knows that there are about 
ten days a year that I will gush about 
the weather and soak it up.

Last night and this morning qualify.

While I cooked inside we took our
dinner to the deck.

Breaded cube Steak, roasted potatoes and 
a Spring Greens Salad 
with Catalina Dressing.

I spent the evening out on the brick patio
painting/staining our deck furniture.
That is not done but it is going very 
well.  I am thankful that it should take 
just one coat.
I'll show photos later.

This morning I enjoyed watching the 
cows across the road.

They are reveling in all of the 
green grass and the opportunity
to rub against the trees.
That must feel so wonderful 
to them.

The columbine flowers are opening up so nicely.

A new (to me) plant stand holds
pretty flowers which welcome
visitors to our door.

Have a wonderful day!!


Carol said...

Great post, Becky! Your dinner looks delicious, the flowers are beautiful, and the cows look so peaceful. So glad you got to spend time outside enjoying a perfect spring day!


Vee said...

Sounds as if you've landed on a perfect day. It may even reach us here and, now that you mention it, there's some painting I'd like to do.

What a sweet welcome at your door. It looks great...nicely patriotic. Love seeing the columbine blooming and the pastoral scene across the way must be a true joy.

Mrs.Rabe said...

The weather this week has been perfect! We have been outside all day practically...I have been enjoying my deck especially and we have been eating alfresco nearly every night! I love it!

~PJ said...

I know I am enjoying the oppertunity to eat grass and rub up against trees!


Theresa said...

Looks like a perfect day to me, great food and flowers:) Have a blessed Thursday, HUGS!

Marydon said...

Where you live you have the advantage most of us don't ... beautiful nature & countryside. The heart of God's country.
Got any leftovers? Chuckle!

Have a beautiful day ~

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detweilermom said...

The weather has been terrific. Dave finally go the chairs out so we can sit on the deck. Enjoy the weather!!

Tracy's corner said...

I just love the flower pics.

Anonymous said...

We have been having great outdoor weather this week! I like your flower pictures, and dinner looked delicious!

Elena said...

Your meal looks so delicious! It is so nice to have warmer weather and being outside and soaking it up.

Karen said...

You truly are my kindred spirit. I, too, find only a few *perfect* weather days. There'd be a few more I'd count but I have to add "I don't like bugs" to your list, which narrows it down even more, I'm afraid. ;-)

Love your columbine and the flowers by the door. Very pretty!

Off to do a bit of outside painting before the promised rain prevents it...

blessedmom's simple home said...

Your photos are all so pretty. What a wonderful view you have, and that meal looks so tasty!

Theresa said...

I believe this is the post that lost the comments! I feel sure I commented... oh well! Your pictures are soooooo pretty of the flowers and the meal looks yummy! Have a blessed day dear Becky! HUGS!