Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have Talented Cousins.....

You know I have been 
bragging about my 
cousin, Nathan Stoops,

who has become a fixture
in this American Idol Season.

It came about because Lauren and her
parents came to a concert that Nathan and
his band were doing in Nashville.

He said it was pretty low key so they 
invited Lauren up on the stage to 
do a song or two.
He was so impressed by her that he
offered to write music for her and 
kind of took her under his wing.
When she made it big on American Idol
and had the opportunity to bring someone
on to play with her she called Nathan.
Isn't that cool?

Well, this week Nathan has been in 
dress rehearsal for the finale.
I am not sure if he will play both
tonight and tomorrow or just 
one of those nights....
but he is reporting that the 
shows are going to be 

He was watching a dress rehearsal yesterday
that really got him excited.
Of course he couldn't say who he
was watching....
but he says that it will be "EPIC"!
Personally, I have been so disappointed
by much of the "professional talent" AI has
featured this year and have even
turned the channel because of the 
content and moves of the 
"professional musicians" 
whose music they are trying to sell.
Hoping that the finale has more class.

I know that whatever Nathan does will 
be wonderful.  
Because he is an amazing fiddler!

Another talented cousin
is PJ.

PJ's blog features her craftiness.
The art gene came to her honestly.
My Aunt Lin is extremely gifted in all 
things artistic.

An update to a lamp that belonged to our Grandmother.

PJ also has a very huge heart.
She recently gave items to 
a fund raiser auction and was thrilled
by the money raised.
'Cause that's just the way she is.

PJ and her husband, Tim, will be moving
soon....you see he serves our country.
He is in the Navy.  
In my book that makes him a hero!!

It was months of waiting and hearing
of a possible new duty station 
being anywhere from Florida
to Japan to Virginia to California.....
they are now committed to move
to California in a few months.
Virginia would have been so much closer.
But I suspect they will love California.

NOW...Here is the deal.
PJ is offering a giveaway of my candles.
She is a customer, herself,
and is celebrating her 50th follower
So...we invite you to stop by,
meet her, 
become a follower,
and enter to win a 
$25 gift certificate to 
A winner will be announced
on Friday.

These two are not my 
only talented cousins.
I have many....
but for today this
will have to do.


Carol said...

I'm so looking forward to the finale! It's going to be interesting to see who wins.


Theresa said...

First things first... Tim is a HERO in my book too! Please tell him THANK YOU from me:)

Your handsome, talented cousin... I have tuned in just to catch a glimpse of him:)

I will check out ONE of your other talented cousins, PJ!

Enjoy your day dear Becky! HUGS!

Vee said...

Well now you do have talented cousins! I enjoyed reading both stories and I'll be off to PJ's directly. Thank you for the nice mention on the side...so sweet of you!

~PJ said...

thank you so much for doing this giveaway for me Becky, I am excited to share it with my awesome followers :)

As for me getting my talent from my mom it's true! She is so awesome I can't even put it into words. I did get to go thrifting with her on Saturday while they were visiting. Heaven!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am headed over to PJ's now!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky! Missed keeping up with you, too, thanks! You DO have talented cousins, girl! I have not followed the show this year - just had too much on my plate - guess I WILL have to try to watch! How cool is that! I'll have to go check out PJ's blog, too! I hope you're having a wonderful week, Miss Becky!

jAne said...

on my blog you said,

"" I never had a sister. You have three....want to share? Oh.what.fun.that.must.have.been!""

i'll gladly share. you can have the 2nd in line sister. :oP fun?

Anonymous said...

I just watched AI; good show. I would be hard pressed to name the winner!

Tamara Jansen said...

I haven't had a chance to watch any Idol this season. It's been so busy here. Gotta catch the finale and check out your guy!!! Thanks for the tip!

Elena said...

That is really cool about your cousin! How exciting!