Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Blues at Rehoboth

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Warren and I had such a delightful time
at Rehoboth Beach this past weekend.
If you are a regular reader you are probably 
sick of it already but bear with me for just 
one more post.

I wanted to share photos of The Delaware Inn
and our last day at the beach.
So many lovely blues!

 When I was preparing to make our reservations
I studied the different rooms at the Inn.
They were all gorgeous but one just kept 
calling out to me.
It was the plainest room...
according to the photos,
and it was on the third floor.
Not really in its favor....
but I loved the sweetness of it!
So fresh and crisp in blue and white.

Maybe it was the reading chair in the 
corner that sealed the deal...
I don't know.
But when I called and made the 
reservation I asked and it was 

When we arrived the innkeeper, Sharon,
met us with a cheerful smile.
She welcomed us very warmly and
offered to help us carry our 
things up to our room.

She led us up the two flights 
of stairs to the third floor.
I knew right away that we had
made the right choice.
The room was clean and sweet.
Not fussy.
Just right.

Framed photography pieces by Greg Bryner are all through the Inn.  This one was in our powder room.

I loved the crisp white on the bed against the soft, soft blue.

Details, details....

Complimentary Artwork on the walls.

"My" reading nook!
The robes were waiting in the closet.  Such comfort and quality.

From another vantage point. 
I asked and received permission to show you the 
photos from the Inn's website....these are what sold me 
on this room.

It was actually prettier in person than the 
photos present.

Our second morning's breakfast was very
special.  We were with two of the
couples we had met the day before.
They are so interesting and we were
very glad to have met them.
It was not hard to find things in common
between all of the couples.
What those commonalities were 
was kind of surprising....
1.  Wrestling (two of the men)
2. Women starting small businesses (all of the women)
3.  Animal rescue (All of us)
4. Homeschooling (Two of us)
5.  Teachers (At least two)
6. Candles (Three of us)
7.  Movies (All of us)
In two short breakfasts
mini friendships were forged.
Very cool, indeed!

Then we were back to the beach.
The day was beautiful...if crisp.

Some views from the boardwalk....

It was kind of hard to leave.
But then there was the pull to get back
and see our family here too.

We'll just have to visit again.

Maybe it will be you across 
the breakfast table next time....
How cool would that be???


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at that blue sky! I've enjoyed looking at the pictures you have shared of your weekend in Rehoboth. I visited Rehoboth. It has been so many years ago, though, I really don't remember anything about it. I'm glad you liked my post about our Cook Forest drive. I feel the same way when we've been in the western part of the state. Whenever we cross over the Clarion River, I know we don't have far to go until we return home.

Vee said...

Lovely stay at this B and B. The owner sounds like a peach! You really did have a lot in common with the other guests. How interesting...

A Garden of Threads said...

Beautiful room, I can see why you would want to stay in it. So peaceful looking. Glad you had a nice time. Enjoy your week;)

Carol said...

Looks lovely, and sounds like you had a great stay! I can see why you'd want another visit, looks like a perfect getaway place.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds lovely!

Suzy said...

Beautiful details in that bedroom. I have a similar magnolia print in my dining room. I really like the black and white mosaics.

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at Rehobeth. The B&B sounds great and the room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful week.

Joyce said...

Such a pretty room. Glad you had a fun time and I love B&Bs. Hope you go back in the summer and enjoy a swim too.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Your room looked restful and quite. The sky on the beach was a beautiful clear blue. Lovely. V

John said...

Beautiful photos!

Come see my blues, have a great week ahead.

Theresa said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time, at the Bed and Breakfast AND at the beach! I love those getaways, good for the soul!

Have a blessed day dear Becky! I would love to sit across the breakfast table and chat someday:)

kat said...

That room is so pretty as well as the blue sky outside the inn.

Thanks for the visit an comment Becky.

SmilingSally said...

If we sat across the table, our poor husbands would have to wander off to find something to interest them--perhaps a game on TV!

I love the soft blues! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday, Becky.

Snap said...

what a wonderful weekend for you and beautiful place. thanks for taking us along! Happy Spring!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a beautiful room and lovely place to visit. I love a little getaway and this place looks perfect.

Elena said...

What a lovely place. I really liked your room:)

chubskulit said...


Please come take a look at my entry, thank you!

JD said...

Looks like you had a great time. Your room was lovely!

Pondside said...

Just reading 'Rehobeth' took me back about 35 years. We never had the money for a B&B so we camped in an old army tent and dreamed of the day when we could stay in a lovely house or inn.
One of the nicest things about B&Bs is meeting people over breakfast.

Mary said...

Your photos are wonderful and perfect for Blue Monday. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I hope you have an equally good day. Blessings...Mary