Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mom Blessings....

When bad things happened
and our Dads grew ill and then we
lost them so quickly
within a short span
instinct kicked in and the Lord
opened doors which led to 
my Mother living two doors away
and Georgia directly on the other side of us.

I definitely didn't think through all that this 
would mean but I did know that if it 
was at all possible it would be better for 
everyone to have them close.
After all, my mother had been two and a half 
hours good driving conditions.
Warren's Mom was an hour from 
our door to hers. 

It has been so wonderful having them close.
Over the good years our families had grown close.
We would all celebrate major holidays together
whenever it was possible....
I always knew this was
unusual and special.
My parents and Warren's enjoyed the time
spent together and were enthusiastic in their
shared love of the grandchildren.
Ours are the only ones on both sides....

Yesterday drove home to me the beauty of our
situation here.
I joined Mom on her morning walk with her 
dog, Bear.  We discussed many things.
Some mundane, some not so mundane.
I don't do this every day....for sure....
but it is so nice to know that when the whim
strikes or the need arises I can find her there.
I pray this lasts a very long time........

Later in the evening as I was out yelling
for our dogs to stop barking at neighbor children
Warren's Mom, Georgia, came out to chat.
We discussed the news of the day.
Nathan and American Idol,
My "broken" toe, 
What will we do about Easter?
You know......

I know how blessed I am to have these 
women as neighbors.
They are wise.
They are Godly.
 They are generous with their time and resources.
They both love a good adventure.
We have laughed and cried together.
I count them both as friends.

They are blessings
to be treasured!!


Carol said...

You are truly blessed to have both Moms living so close!


Bee said...

First broke your toe!?!
Second...I love the grandmas too. They are wonderful to be around. My kids love them and my husband likes your mom's taste in music. They really appeal to all ages don't they? They are a blessing for everyone who knows them.

Mrs.Rabe said...

They are favorites in this household as well!

Susy said...

I'm sure they feel blessed too to have such a wonderful loving family.

chocolatedogstudio said...

What a neat adventure! It is good to have them close. I wish my Mom lived closer to me than she does.

~PJ said...

I wo wish my mom lived that close :( it's about 8 (if Mr. T is driving) or 9 hours (if I'm driving) to get home and I miss having her daily counsel. What a blessing for you to have both of them so close by :)

Vee said...

I love that you know how very blessed you are. ♥

Theresa said...

Blessings ALL around:) Sweet to have such loving neighbors who just happen to be family! Have a wonderful day dear friend! HUGS!

Elena said...

You are so blessed! I wished my dad lived closer to us.