Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jonathan's Party at Susquehannock

I have to say that the meteorologists let us down
just a bit.....
It was definitely not 68 and partly sunny 
on Sunday.
It was quite cold and cloudy.

However we have 
about forty-five 
very hardy friends
who hung out at the park with us until 
around 7:00pm.
If you were to have been counting 
that was about six hours.
Six very full hours.

A huge group played softball while
Warren grilled and "the Moms" ran
home to rescue the sausage that I  forgot
in the microwave as I left in a rush.

At least Warren's Mom, Georgia, was glad for the opportunity
to grab a heavier jacket and gloves.

Some of us just chatted and kept picking up
the cups and other items that kept blowing
off the tables.
Ugghhh....the wind made us crazy!

Finally the food was ready to go and 
the ball players were more than willing
to come and eat.
It was like magic.
The food disappeared quickly,
leaving just enough leftovers to make me
feel that everyone got enough.

Then the sports began again.
A real game of softball....

followed by Ultimate Frisbee....
followed by a hike!

Little Asher was all ready to hike....

But he didn't get to go climb the cliffs like 
the big kids.  He stayed and amused
the rest of us.

Chelsea and her friend Mindy skipped
Ultimate Frisbee to go exploring on
their own.  They came back giggling
with a tale and pictures of discovering
a dead deer when they realized Mindy was 
standing on a hoof...with fur still attached.

They also took some very creative
photos along the way.

Mindy took this one of Chelsea
at the overlook.

I was touched when Jonathan
brought me a sign of Spring....

At first I thought he was going to give 
it to me as he had so many time as a child...
but he left with it.
I don't know where it ended up.

The kids were still not ready to leave 
when the time came but the Moms were
chilled through and we were very ready 
to get home and warm.

Jonathan could not have asked for a 
more perfect birthday celebration.
He enjoyed himself immensely!


Vee said...

In years to come I wonder if the cold and wind will even be remembered. Perhaps it will just be the fun and the celebration. Nothing can hold a group of friends and family back from having a good time. Now that was a striking pose that Mindy captured Chelsea in.

~PJ said...

If my neighbors and I can throw a firepit BBQ the day after a blizzard I bet you made the best of the day!

That's right, the day after the big blizzard this year we chilled our beverages in a snow drift, used another snowbank as a table for the food and hauled 2 firepits out of the yards (finding them was the trick) and set them up in the driveway.

I think we were out there for like 2 hours!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Happy Birthday to Jonathan! Sometimes things turn out better than planned despite the weather.
Have a great day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was fun, but chilly!

Anonymous said...

The weather has been a bit erratic, but that is probably normal (lol)! Looks like everyone had a great time anyway and that is what counts.
♥, Susan

Anonymous said...

We had the weather here that you expected there. I'm glad that the birthday party was a success, even though the weather was a bit chillier than expected.

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Ya GORGEOUS Sis.... Just had to stop by and say, miss ya.... THANKS Oooodles for your sharing here, its a delight to visit ...You really know how to warm hearts..May blessings and Love from God above be on you today and all week...Prayers and Hugs Dena
You're ALWAYS a bright spot in my day!!!

Gayla said...

Sounds like a warm day despite the temperatures! Good times.

Ronda said...

Windy, Chilly, Cold, yet is sounds as if great fun was had by all.
Happy late birthday to Jonathan!

What sweet memories!

Love & Prayers,

Melissa G. said...

Busy day!