Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Weekend in the Works....

Tonight our church's Family Bible Study will 
be held at Hospitality Lane...
thus the kitchen is busy this morning.

You might be wondering what Bible Study
and food have in common.

Do you think we could really have people
here and not feed them?
Don't be silly!

Others will bring snacks and drinks to 
share but we will provide some as well.
So....Chelsea is whipping up two kinds of brownies
this morning and I am trying to shake the 
cobwebs out of my head in order to 
think of some amazing non-sweet appetizer.

I'll probably fall back to 
Peach Mango Salsa and chips 
Cheese and Crackers 
I've got some other planning to do
and these are always popular.

On Sunday we are hosting a picnic
to celebrate Jonathan's 20th birthday.
His birthday has passed but we decided 
to wait for better picnic weather rather 
than try to fit everyone into our house....
and do it then.
As our church grows our house
So we will be off to one of our favorite 
parks for the afternoon.

I just finished forming and wrapping 
hamburgers.  They are now chilling in the freezer
so they stay super fresh.
We have his favorite hot dogs....
the plain (mystery meat) kind.
(Mikey insists on beef hot dogs but it is not his birthday)
I will pick up some chicken tenders and
some of the locally made sausage which will be 
grilled as well.

Our guests have been asked to supply
drinks and sides.
I hope that wasn't too tacky but given
the number of people we are talking about
we kind of need the help....
Our Moms have been very generous
in helping us too.

I'll be working on a cake, or two, for Jonathan
while Chelsea is making a trifle.
It is all coming together.
Now if I could just wake up!
This cloudy, rainy weather is making
me so very sleepy.

I'll be fine once the people show up.
I love the energy opening our home

Have any fun plans you'd 
be willing to share?


Vee said...

I remember with great fondness the weekly fellowships/home groups held in my home. I do NOT have the energy it requires now. But I know that you do and that you will have fun. Further, these gatherings are important for the young people. It's great to socialize with Believers.

Plans? Yes, we're getting together with some of John's family and that will be a lot of fun. They've been under some stresses and we think that they need time out.

Marydon said...

You will have abeautiufl evening, Becky. Happy Birthday to that precious son of yours ... enjoy the picnic, the weather should be awesome!

TY for your sweet comment today. We are tickled PINK with our first great-kid-ling's arrival.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your weekend will be busy, but fun. Have a great weekend!

blessedmom's simple home said...

Have a wonderful time of celebrating this weekend and Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

I just read your post about the migraines and mini-strokes. I've had migraines all of my life and never knew of this connection. I hope you're able to get meds that will take care of any future problems.