Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Church Lady and The Gardener

On Friday they stood and watched 
as He died.  It was undeniable
they saw it happen.

The mid afternoon grew as dark
as night and the earth trembled
as Jesus surrendered his spirit.

They most likely helped get his 
body to the tomb that was so 
generously offered.
This hadn't been planned and 
He had no tomb of his own.
Time was of the essence.
There was church to be getting to.

They had no doubt.
Jesus was dead.

I can just imagine the whispered 
conversations and the planning that
went on that Saturday.
One would offer to bring one 
spice while another had something 
else to share.
After all, Jesus must be 
properly cared for,
even though time had passed.
First thing,
after the Sabbath,
they would go to the tomb
and make things right.
The book of Mark says 
that they actually went out and
bought the spices that very morning
and headed for the tomb.
So perhaps they just didn't have 
the right thing in their pantries after all.

So, they wondered how they 
might get into the tomb.
They weren't strong enough to roll
the stone away but as many women
that I know, they decided they would
figure it out when they got there.

Well, things didn't go exactly as they 
planned.  When they arrived the stone
was already moved
but the tomb was empty.
Well, except for an angel.
But, who's counting.
The angel wasn't exactly who they 
were looking for.
They wanted Jesus!

A short while later we find
Mary Magdalene crying in the garden.
She is distraught.
Resurrection does not seem to 
be on her mind as someone comes to 
her and asks why she is crying.
She tells this man, whom she assumes
is the gardener, that someone stole the body.
She doesn't know where to find it.

(Oh the irony, 
how many times do we try to 
find Jesus and His will in every way possible
when all we need to know is spelled out
in His Word?) 

I love how Jesus reveals Himself to her.
He simply says her name...
Instantly she knew!
It was Him!!

The tears now had new meaning.
Her Jesus was alive.
He is alive.

How wonderful to 
be Mary that day.
To be in the process of serving
through her grief
and then to be comforted 
by Jesus himself.

Those church ladies surely had
much to talk about after that.

As do we.


Taken from the gospels of Matthew, Luke and John


Theresa said...

He AROSE! Have a blessed Easter Sunday! HUGS!

Kathy said...

Happy Easter to you!

~PJ said...

Beautiful Becky.

blessedmom's simple home said...

Beautifully written Becky! Happy Easter to you and your family :-)

Elena said...

Happy Easter Becky to your beautiful family!!

Bee said...

You make me smile!
"Church Ladies"!!
Past and Present....I'm glad I know some!