Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

 This just might be the post where you 
find me to be somewhat shallow.
Or perhaps you could try to 
view it through the eyes of my
being easy to please.

Yesterday Chelsea and I were out
doing a bit of shopping
and I spotted four amazing
and very heavy glass stems.

I knew, just knew, that they would 
make the most perfect candles.
With Easter coming I had to get them...
and at just .97 each at Goodwill I could!

There was a day when I would haul cartloads of 
glassware out of Goodwill and bring it home to 
give it new life as candles.
No more.
Now the pieces have to be very special.
This means that I usually leave empty handed.
But not yesterday!

At 11:30 last evening I was finishing up these sweet
stems.  You know I had to make them
right away....

 I'll be listing these at my Etsy store
today.  I hope that the pictures tell 
enough of their beauty to allow 
others to catch the vision.
They are gorgeous!!

Have a happy day!
I hope that something inspires you today....
Something makes your creative juices
get to flowing.

After all, 
life without creativity is mighty boring.
Whether it is time in your garden,
at your sewing machine
or making a meal that pleases
your family...

find joy in it.

You bring joy to others 
as you do those things that
make you happy.

Thanks for stopping by.....


~PJ said...

The design makes them look like tulips! Perfect for spring.

I posted a fun project on my blog yesterday too, seems like the creative juice are pumping like crazy these days!

Oh, and you know I love your candles... yes ma'am I do. I'll be lighting the last two tea lights I have today as it is a very special occasion :)

Melissa G. said...

They look beautiful on your table!

Vee said...

Lovely! I agree with you about creativity...we all benefit by some of it daily. I so need to get back to the sewing room.

Tracy said...

Oh happy is day right, because one set of these is coming to MY house! hehehee!

Becky K. said...

I'm packing them now, Tracy!

It was hard not to keep these for myself!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are great! Perfect candles for Spring!

Ronda said...

OOOO Mrs. Becky,

They are Gorgeous!

I think Im def gonna go have a look-see at ur etsy shop and maybe get them.

Love & Prayers,

Kelly said...

Oh, they look so pretty! It's so nice to have some time to visit my blogging friends again.

Miss Paula said...

Purple tulips!! Or lavender! That's what the candles look like!! Pretty table too!

Tracy's corner said...

Very pretty