Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Days are Numbered

As I write this I feel again a portion of the 
stunned grief that became so familiar to us
in 2005 and again in 2007 as Warren and I 
watched our Dads pass away from here and 
move on to Heaven.

I say a portion because it is never as real for 
you as when you are the one dealing with 
the loss of the presence on one who means
so very much to you.

Today, this is what my sister-in-law, Beverly,
and her sister, Betsy, are going through as
their mother , Nancy, passed away last evening.

I am glad that Allan and Bev had the opportunity
to be there and I know that the sisters will be of
great help and support to each other.

It drives home the point once again that 
while we don't know the number of days 
we are granted on this earth the Bible tells us
that He does.  And just as He knows every hair
on our head.......He has this covered, as well.

Nancy will be deeply missed. 
She had a rich supply of 
friends and former students.

We would occasionally all
meet at Allan and Bev's home
for Thanksgiving... or some
other occasion.
I appreciated the interest she always 
took with our children.
Talking with them and encouraging
them each time we met.
You could see the genuine love
of young people in her interest.

The last few years have been 
very hard for her, physically.
We could see that.
But, even so,
she had a smile and a kind word.
Beverly and Betsy,
I am so sorry.
(((gentle hug)))
Wish I could be there.......
I know you will miss your
dear Mother much!


Carol said...

I'm saying prayers for Beverly & Betsy. Losing a parent is so painful. My Daddy has been gone 23 years & my Mother 13. So thankful I'll see them again in heaven!

Hugs & Love,

Vee said...

Sounds so familiar...two sisters, one traveling to get there, a mother who had many friends and former students. Praying that God's comfort is felt among them and that they are carried through this intial shock on love. And later, when the shock has subsided that they will still be comforted by sweet memories. Their mother's love for them never ends; it extends now all the way from Heaven. God's love surrounds us always...

~PJ said...

Oh my, how sad :( I never had the chance to meet Bev's mom, but it was apparent from hearing her talk about her what a special lady she was.

Make the most of the moments you have.

Gayla said...

My lifelong friend lost her father-in-law yesterday. Sending prayers for comfort.... Life is precious.

Debby said...

We lost our fathers about thesame time as you. They passed only 3 months apart. It was hard.
Now our mothers are struggling. My husband's is failing badly, mostly her mind. My Mother is having a time physically.
Now in rehab with a broken leg. It is so sad.
I lost my best friend, my cousin, two months ago from H1
N1. I miss her so much.
Yes, our days are numbered. We need to enjoy each day as we never know if it is our last.

Elena said...

I am so sorry to this. I pray for comfort for your family.

Gayla said...

Your bonfire looks like a lot of fun. I know what you mean about the wind kicking up.. Doesn't it always when you light a fiRE! Fanning a flame... I guess/