Friday, December 24, 2010

It is Christmas Eve!

What a much anticipated day each year!

Our church has a Christmas Eve Service
and then it is home to open the contents of 
the stockings where there is never a shortage
of laughter.

Most of the time the gag gifts and pranks are
provided by my sweet, innocent Mom!
She needs extra prayer right now as she
has finally caught the virus that has been
plaguing the rest of us for so long.
She really needs to be well before she leaves 
for Peru in just a week.

Traditionally we have had this stocking party
at my Mom's house.  But this year we are going
to do it here.  So, Chelsea and I are planning to 
whip up some fun snacks for the occasion.

Today we will make:

Broccoli Cheese Dip with Cubed Bread for Dipping
Ham Balls
Cheese and Bologna Platter
A Veggie Tray

This nourishment will come in handy as supper is likely
to be a bit sparse with the preparations for the service.
I'll need to get there early to decorate, print the bulletins
and run through music with those who are nervous.

I wonder....
What are your Christmas Eve plans or traditions?
Do you have time to share?


Vee said...

We are going to enjoy the most peaceful kind of Christmas Eve possible and then go to a late service at 10:30 p.m. I'm going to pray that I don't sleep through it. :D

A wonderful Christmas Eve to you and yours!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Christmas Eve Service, home for stockings, snacks, and an annual watching of "The Nativity Story."

See you later!

Elena said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. So sorry to hear your mom is not feeling well. I hope she recovers quickly. We will let Mary open one gift and put gold chocolate coins in everyone's stocking and then you to the Christmas Eve service at our church.

Gayla said...

Have a blessed Christmas! Enjoy each other. Much love and prayers!

JD said...

I also hope your Mother is feeling better...will say an extra prayer for her. Your Christmas eve sounds like fun, we would do something similar to that at my Mother-in-law's house on Christmas eve. Lots of fun,...
but I did enjoy myself tonight at my daughter's house, she always cooks us a nice meal, has the fireplace going with soft Christmas relaxing and enjoyable, but I did miss my Mother, Christmas is not complete without her.
Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas. And I hope I can get to see you again this coming year.