Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 ounce Jars and Santa Claus Mugs are on Sale!

Hey friends....
I apologize for bringing
candle business to my 
personal blog....
I thought some may be interested.

I have a surplus of 12 ounce jars and 
Santa Claus Hot Chocolate mugs.

Turns out that Lancaster County Customers
don't love Santa.  Hmmmph!
Well, their preferences made for a 
small stockpile of Santa mugs.
I really would rather not store 
them until next year so I am 
placing them on sale.

To get the special pricing you 
must buy 3.
The first one is regular priced at
$10....the second is $10...
the third is $5.
I also have quite a few 12 ounce jars
remaining and am anxious to see some
of these boxes leave our garage storage
So....if you buy two in any of the seasonal
fragrances you will save $4.00.
They are regularly $12 each....
when you buy two, or more, they are just 
$10 each!

Of course, since either of these orders
would put you over $20 
your order will SHIP FREE!

To order...
simply send an email 
to me
beckykcandles (@)

Seasonal Fragrances are:

Country Apple
French Vanilla
Mulberry Spice
Cranberry Balsam
Candy Cane
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Orange Clove
Apple Cinnamon
To Die For Chocolate (Hot Chocolate Scent) 


Vee said...

Oh I hope that some are able to snag these. I can tell you that I am loving my cranberry balsam. It's burning now!

Karen said...

I've got a cranberry balsam here to start burning, too. Hmm, do I burn it or my hot chocolate mug first? Decisions, decisions...;-)
And then there's my cappucino candle on order...even though I have some on order, I'm still tempted by your sale. Your candles are wonderful!

And, hey, no problem loading your blog today! Life is good!