Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My poor, poor camera.

It is just sitting all by itself.

So lonely these days.

We have been ever so busy making,
packing and sending candles here, there
and everywhere....

In the past few days shipments have left
for Michigan, Kansas, Illinois New York and Connecticut.
We are talking very large boxes in some cases.
Warren set up an account with a major shipper
and those big guys went out the door with him.
Love it!

Last evening I spent an hour distributing candles
from my car to students who had sold.
Several people commented that had we been in a
different setting, rather than the authorized church parking
lot, there may have been questions asked!

It was brutally cold so in between student or 
parent arrivals I would turn the heat up full 
blast and try to soothe the frozen fingers!
My life is just one crazy adventure after another.
Apparently I like it that way 
because I do nothing
to change it.  
So don't even think about
feeling sorry for me. 
I'm not.

I did think I was losing my mind, however, 
when I realized that I had forgotten two 
French Vanilla candles for the second time
last night.  I was driving up the highway when 
it hit me.  And I knew that if this lady came she 
would be driving a distance.  The dilemma was 
that I was too far out to go back for them and 
to arrive on time but I could not, just could not,
picture myself not having them there for her.

Warren was off to his company Christmas party
where I was to join him later.  So....while delivering
an order to one of the student's homes...she lived 
on the way...I used her phone and called my kids.
The boys grudgingly drove them the 40 minutes to the 
church for me.  Arriving just as the woman walked 
over to me.  I explained my mistake to her and she 
was very kind.  She was happy that I had asked 
the kids to bring 12oz candles 
instead of the 8oz candles
she had ordered.  

It goes without saying that sometimes I just cannot 
be perfect.  But to forget those particular candles
twice????  Must be something about those vanilla
candles!  I am just so thankful that it all worked out!

I had to laugh at how word travels.
One family from a different fundraiser needed 
their order earlier than their scheduled delivery
date and so it was very convenient for everyone
for me to make and deliver them with the order
last evening.  What amused me was that not fifteen
minutes after discussing it with the first Mom,
a Dad from another family wanted his too.
He mentioned that he had just talked to the 
other mom.  
Cracked me up!
Not a problem, really....but I did have to make
a bunch of his candles yesterday and it definitely 
threw a curve into things.

I am also working on our Christmas Eve
program for church.
Many from the congregation will be
participating as usual and I like 
to tie it all together somehow.
I have written parts for two people
and am waiting patiently for those
two people to agree to do it.

Maybe today!

It is going to be so cute...
One of the families in our church
recently had a new baby girl.
They are going to dress as Mary 
and Joseph and will gather the 
children around them to read the 
Christmas story.
The children wanted to sing for 
the program ....
they chose Jesus Loves Me.
Now, understand that the children's
ages run from two to eight.
So this was a song that all of them knew.
But it will fit perfectly just before the
reading of the Christmas Story.

Oh, I must get going.
Sorry to meander on but 
much has been going on here and 
I have not had time to share.

I miss reading many of your 
blogs and hope to have time
for that once again very soon.



Mrs.Rabe said...

You do need to show photos of your beautiful tree!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - you are one busy girl at Christmastime! And other times, too! How kind of you to make sure that your customers are are super happy! Service with a smile! and excellent service keeps those customers coming back for more! Good luck with your Christmas program!

Vee said...

You have a wonderful excuse not to be doing a thing, including taking pictures. I'm so glad that you are busy and that sales are brisk.

Kelly said...

You handle your business very well. What a nice thing to do to give that woman the larger size for the slight inconvenience -- that's great customer service!

I am so excited for the Christmas service! I love all of the ideas and participation we always have.

Miss Paula said...

Becky, our gingerbread men DID NOT look like yours!! I don't think I will do gingerbread again!! Your's looks so great!!

Marydon said...

G'eve Becky ~ I saw the wonderful candle cups you did for Sherry, the aroma was marvelous.

So glad that your candle business has been so busy for you ... you deserve every bit of success you work so hard for, Becky.

Have missed you, tho.
Christmas hugs & joys ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

PJ said...

My candles arrived two days ago and my whole house smells like hot chocolate. T keeps attempting to lick them because he's just sure that they must taste as good as ty smell, LOL

Thanks for the extra's too it was nice to have something to keep for myself since all those mugs will be going to families on our street.

Merry Christmas!