Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kidnapped... And I need your Advice....

Last evening I had a very fun time with some
of my favorite girls.....

Miss Chelsea, Miss Emma and Miss Lindsay.
It was even more fun for me because
Emma and Lindsay didn't know I was coming for them.

I gathered them all up when they were done at their
jobs and off we went to The Cracker Barrel!

Then a bit of time at WalMart because we needed
a couple of things....
You know
sheets and a comforter for the 
one who is 
MOVING OUT on Monday.
Not that I am stressing
or anything like

And...then we came home.

It was so much fun.

Great girls!

Now, since I have no pictures of 
last evening how about this?
We got Chelsea a desk for her room.
(Yes, that was "dutchy")
This is what was in her room....
I want it in the living room as a desk/storage
unit.  Warren is not convinced that it 
fits in the living room.
What do you think?

It wouldn't have to stay where it is....
But, do you like the piece?
Is it just too "Bedroom-ish" to 
be in the living room?

We need your help 
on this one.
I don't want to go to the trouble 
of totally rearranging everything 
if it is not a good idea.


Carol said...

I LOVE it, Becky! It looks so great with the curtains. I would suggest a basket in the opening filled with magazines, a plant (faux or real), or cozy throw blankets. Also, framed family pictures would look nice on top.

Smiles & hugs,

Vee said...

I like mixing things up like this. The "sofa table" behind my sofa is a bureau. Sure comes in handy for storage. You could take the mirror off and Hang it for a different look or leave it just as it is. Have fun, experiment!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It is lovely but I would move it to the hall needs to sit flush - then your couch and chair could go back to their normal locations.

Just my 2 cents....

Anonymous said...

The desk looks like it is crowding the chair and sofa. I like Mrs. Rabe's idea of putting the desk in the hall, if it will fit there.

Tracy said...

I think it fits the style of your other furniture well, but I agree that it needs to sit flush to the wall.

Andrea said...

It is a gorgeous piece of furniture! I think you should go with your heart. Put it where you like it...

Char said...

This is a gorgeous piece of furniture and I love it. Follow your heart and do what works best for you.
Even though it's a piece made for the bedroom, it can be used anywhere. I have seen dressers with drawers in a dining room to house all the utensils and it was beautiful, just like it was meant to be there.
If you like it there, then there it should be. Happy decorating and please show us pictures when you are done, Char

Susy said...

It's a wonderful piece and the mirror is beautiful. I definitely think it's living-room-worthy. Happy New Year (:

Mary said...

That's a beautiful would be so pretty in your living room...maybe a basket of "something" in the space below..

Vickie said...

Flush to the wall. It'd look more like a desk if you took the mirror off, but... just play with it and see what else you can do.

It IS a beautiful vanity. We have one, too, for my daughter to use for a desk/vanity at the farm. I love it!