Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends Make Work More Fun!

Last evening was very full.
First Mom hosted us for a delightful
lasagna dinner.  It was so good and 
we were having interesting discussion
when we looked at the time.
We were to be at the church for a 
work night.
Then as we headed for the door the
cell phone rang.
My friend, Sue, was already there and 
was wondering where we were.....

Well, we moved as quickly as we 
could and got over there.

 Out came the paint and we got busy.
Painting the final project in the new 
serving area.
We are finally going to get to use this room 
on Sunday.  So construction remnants had to
be moved to storage, counters cleaned and 
many other things done.

It was successful.

The room is looking great.
What is left to do is decorate 
and clean the floor.
Today I will go out and look for a 
twin sized quilt
to hang on the wall.
Pastor Mike will make a frame to
go around it.

We have one on a quilt hanger
in the main dining area 
so it seems a great way to get 
a lot of impact while 
continuing the country theme.

These photos are of 
a former work night in this room.
That was the night we painted the walls.
But it is a huge room!
It took a lot of us working together 
to get it done in one evening.

Don't worry, the "pepto" color is the 
primer not the final coat.
It all works well together and is
looking so much better now.

I'll be back over there today.
I'll take a photo of it as it is now
and the little nursery to show you.
The little nursery is nothing special but
it is cute for sleeping babies.

Meanwhile while we were 
finishing up in 
this room,
I kept popping out into the Fellowship Hall
to watch it change into a beautiful site
for a Ladies Tea.
Mrs. Rabe is hosting our 
3rd Annual Tea.
She just has a knack for decorating.
I told her that her display table 
looks like a magazine photo.
I meant it.  It is warm and cozy.
The pieces she is blending together work
so very perfectly.

I'll try to get photos of that tonight at the 
tea when all of the lights are low and the 
candles lit.
It will be amazing!
Thanks, Mrs. Rabe, for all of the hard
work you put into this each year.

And I also have to tell you that 
Emma Rabe, of 
spent a couple of hours on her
hands and knees spot treating the 
carpet in the fellowship hall.

You see, the building we are renting
used to be a carpet store.  
There is a beautiful white carpet
in our fellowship hall.
Not very functional for 
a space dedicated to food.
Dear Emily was devoted to making
it look as great as it could for this 
evening's event.
And, bless her heart....
she will be at work and will
miss all of the fun.

But, between all of us
MUCH was accomplished and
everything looks amazing.

Tonight will be great.
Sunday will be great as we get to 
use our new serving area!!!

From the First Christmas Tea in 

Working together to complete worthwhile
projects is fun. Thanks to my dear church
friends for the pleasure.


detweilermom said...

Can't wait to see it. hopefully on Sunday. Hannah and I won't be at the tea tonight as I think I have a touch of the flu so will be staying home to try to get over it. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow as I need to go to the grocery store to at least get the ingrediants for the cupcakes Hannah will be making for Sunday. Hope you all have a great night tonight.

Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

The pictures from your Christmas Tea in 2008 look great; looking forward to seeing this year's pictures. It is good that you have a church group that works well together.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thank you for your sweet words.

I am nervous about the program portion - I want it to be fun and a help to people, but not "boring."

I love the tea, it makes the ladies feel special to take that time to slow down, be pampered a bit, and enjoy sweet fellowship.

Oh, and the kitchen/serving area is so great! What a blessing it will be for us on Sundays!

Vee said...

It is so cool that this group of people has come together and can work to create such good things for His glory. Emma sounds like such a special young lady willing to spot clean the carpet when she won't be able to enjoy the evening. The pressure is're really going to have to take lots of photos. Looking forward to seeing them all...

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, wow, that is a lot of work. I know it will turn out great.

Barb ♥