Friday, December 31, 2010

Look Out Peru....The Moms Have Landed!

Just heard from Mom and Georgia.
They have arrived safely in their 
mission field for the next three weeks.

They have been awake for nearly 24 hours
at this point....

One of Mom's co-workers who is also 
the leader of this mission is a native of Peru.
The team is staying at her parents home for 
the first night or two.  Mom said that they 
are being well cared for.  

At some point they will head up into the mountains
in a trip that will take eight hours on the way up.
What is a bit unnerving is that this same trip will
only take five hours on the way down.  
Hmmmm.....they probably shouldn't think about
this too much.

Conditions will be very, very difficult.
This trip will be the biggest challenge either of 
our Moms have ever faced physically 
but God is with them.

I was watching a few videos of the people
in the mountain villages where they will serve.
Oh, I can see why once you have been there 
your heart is forever touched for the people.

Such beautiful children and such severe conditions.

The team is carrying in as many winter clothes as they
were allowed to pack to give to the pastors in the
different areas.  As I understand it each team member took two 50 pound
suitcases with clothing and other items for the people
and a carry on of personal items that could weigh no more than
23 pounds for their three week stay.
I found out through this process how 
lightweight sleeping bags can be these days.
But, it is a good thing because they each needed one
and still had all of the other things to pack.
The pastors will then pass the clothing
along to the neediest in their village.  In recent winters 
children have frozen to death from the extreme cold.

So sad....
Hard to imagine.

Well, I hope Peru is up to our Moms.
They are a lot to handle.
Two bundles of energy and good intentions.

I will try to post pictures and links to 
their Facebook site when there is something
current on it.

My Dear Blog Friends!!

We are happy to see you.....


LV said...

I have a lot of respect and admiration for people that do this. It is truly a wonderful thing. More of us need to get involved. I do not think I could endure it at this point. May they be safe and return home more blessed having blessed others.

Gayla said...

What brave and wonderful women! I am so happy to hear about this. I am not that brave. I think it is also brave to be cheering them on from your end. I would have difficulty with that, as well. You are amazing. I am glad you are feeling better! Hugs from bitterly cold (now) Missouri!... Huge winds and 21! What a day...

Mrs.Rabe said...

We're praying for fact we prayed for you and them tonight!

Anonymous said...

When they go up, if they get the altitude headache have them find coco leaves (from where cocaine comes from) and chew them! My mom had to do this in Peru! It helps

Vee said...

Those two wonderful women impress me all to pieces. Saying a prayer for them each time the Lord brings them to mind like right now.

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky,

Happy New Year to you and your family dear friend!

Oh my what wonderful women these are! As Vee, I will pray each time these lovely women of God come to mind.

I hope you know dear Becky just how much of an inspiration you are to me and so many others. I am so looking forward to yet another year of your beautiful blog♥



Stacey said...

Hi Becky! My husband's cousin is in Peru on a medical mission trip right now. She is a physical therapist. Can't wait to hear all the details.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Wow, amazing, God bless these dear people.

Happy New Year, Becky!!!!!

Many blessings,
Barb ♥

Alison May said...

Hi Becky, just popped over to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on BrocanteHome and to wish you a scrumptious New Year too!x

Marydon said...

Happy New Year, Becky ~ How exciting, they will so enjoy this trip. Will be fun to follow along.

Thank you for a wonderful year of friendship ... I have so enjoyed you, Becky.

TTFN~ Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'll keep an eye out for those links to photographs and blog posts from your mom and Georgia. How are you and rest of the family? I hope you all are feeling better!