Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Eggs, Flour and Sugar????

I think not!

This is love.

This is Grandma and Granddaughter working together.

This is beautiful...tasty too!

Every December since Warren and I have been 
a pair I have seen this tin and others 
just as beautiful at his parent's house.

Now, that we live next door we are 
blessed to get to borrow it while we
consume the delectable contents.

No worries, Georgia, your 
tin will be back soon
to be refilled next year.

You just can't get enough of 
this kind of love...
and tradition!


Vee said...

I was smiling at the cookies...yummo...and the tin. We have our favorite tins around here and some are ancient. I'd love to have some loving family member fill them, but I may have to be that person for a switch.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yum....that is special.

Tracy said...


Elena said...

Thank you for the anniversary wishes! The cookies look very yummy. What a great tradition!

Vickie said...

Grandma Georgia's cookies look good right about now with a big cup of coffee! I know those cookies and filled with love for the ones for whom they are made! I need to get busy baking, too. Just haven't had time! I guess nearly everybody has old tins - me, too!