Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas

God with Us!

What a wonderful thing to know 
and ponder...
Imagine Mary.
We are told that she took in a whole
bunch of information and then pondered
it in her heart.
I wonder if it was kind of a wonderful knowledge?
Perhaps she was afraid?
I know that she was obedient
and that is the most important thing.

 I am so very thankful that we have
reason to celebrate.
It is also becoming clear to me that 
it is a privilege to be able to celebrate
together so publicly.
With all of the attempts to wipe the name of 
Jesus out of our vocabulary... in the name of 
keeping peace and being tolerant... I wonder
how much longer will we be able to walk into 
a store and hear his name played over the 
speakers in a Christmas Carol?
Will we be able to continue calling it 

I embrace the freedoms that we 
have now.
I pray that they continue!

From the tradition of the Magi
who came to visit 
a young Jesus
we give gifts to each other.

I received a laptop.
All of the adults in our family 
went together to purchase a refurbished
Dell for Moi!
It is great.
Warren had it all loaded and ready to go.
No waiting on anything.
Thanks guys!
My old one was beyond bad.
It kept losing the date and then wouldn't
let me leave comments or go anywhere on the 
web.....I am so thankful for this generous gift!

The biggest surprise of the day 
was our gift of a hot air balloon ride 
to Georgia.
She did not see that one coming!

We enjoyed a wonderful day with Mom,
Georgia and my brother, Allan, and my sister-in-law, Bev.
Pastor Mike came for part of the day as well.
We then saw him later when we practiced music
for church today.
Yes, when Christmas happens on a Saturday there
are still things to be done.

This morning we will have a Christmas Breakfast 
at church...this will be during our normal Sunday School time.
Should be good.
I am taking my waffle maker, an egg casserole and ham balls.
Others are bringing eggs, fruit and breads.

Some pictures of the Christmas decor at my Mom's
house....I love how she decorates!

One of my Dad's Poems.  He wrote quite a few.

 I look forward to seeing your Christmas photos.
Have a wonderful day!


Carol said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I was surprised to receive a new laptop for Christmas too!

Stay warm & safe!


Gayla said...

Glad you had a happy day. We were also together and blessed with a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

The first time I read the part in this post about the hot air balloon, I thought you all went on a hot air balloon ride TO Georgia. I was thinking wow that's a long ways to go in a hot air balloon. I reread the part about the hot air balloon and realized you gave the gift of a ride to Georgia. What a cool gift to give to someone!