Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tidbit's Photo Shoot

Yesterday I went out with the dogs and Tidbit was
sitting up on the deck fence. She was so happy and
relaxed that I went for the camera.

Our little Tidbit turned ten this year.
It is easy to remember since she was
born in 2000.  That was the year we
moved to Lancaster County.

2000 was also the year everyone thought
catastrophe was upon us from being such
a computer reliant world.

We threw a huge New Year's Eve party
at our house, while Warren's boss at the time
threw one at his place right behind us.

Warren's boss had a license to shoot fireworks and
shot a show that night that would rival any small town's
Fourth of July shows.  We were going into this scary
New Year with a bang.  Well, as you know, that is all
the bang we got.  Everything went smoothly with the
computer transition and we were very thankful.

A couple of months later a pregnant stray cat
found Kay, Warren's boss's wife.
This cat could not have picked a more
compassionate person to help her in her
time of need.

Kay set her up on an enclosed front porch
with all of the comforts of a kitty hospital.
This momma kitty gave birth to five kittens.

Well, the cute ones found homes pretty
quickly...but there was poor Tidbit with her
funny markings that no one seemed to want.

We had another cat at the time and were in the
process of prepping for our move....a kitten
wasn't really on our agenda.  But the kids
pleaded and during our daily visits we fell in
love with the little kitten with no home.

That is how we came to have a cat with
such unique markings.  She is a chatty kitty
and she purrs so very loudly that you can hear
her from across the room.  
This morning
when I awoke she was sleeping right next to
me and followed me out to the living room much
as a dog would do.  However, she isn't crazy
about the dogs and takes a back seat when they
are up for the day. 

So, there you have it.  More than you ever wanted
to know about Tidbit.  The cat I offer everyone who
visits our home.  No takers yet. 

So I'll just keep on loving her.... noisy ten year old!


Karen said...

I don't remember meeting Tidbit when we were there. How did I miss that? I only remember Oliver at your house.

We had a stray show up one year at my birthday celebration (I think it was the first year I turned 29 again). My then-two-year-old niece sat on him and he just laid there, didn't even make a noise protesting. When she stood back up, he quickly walked away from her but that was all. He had unusual markings, too, which I considered unattractive until we saw his personality. He was probably the best cat I've ever had.

Tidbit is beautiful. I have an appreciation for the beauty of non-symmetrical markings on cat faces.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love Tidbit! But I don't want him! hee hee

We likely will get another cat, but will start with a kitten so that it is used to us and our dogs etc....

We once were given a cat that was beautiful and sweet, but afraid of the kids. He hid all day then would come up out of the basement at night. sigh....we gave him back!

Vee said...

I am completely charmed by Tidbit's story and her markings. But then, you have seen Fioré? :D

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting! I always love visiting...

Common Cents

Ronda said...

Oh how sweet! By the way....I think Tidbit is lovely!
I don't know why you would ever offer Tidbit to anyone else, seems as if Tidbit was meant to be yours!

But if you lived close...I'd take Tidbit! Adorable! Just Adorable!

Love & Prayers,
Have A Peachy Keen Day.

Chicken Wrangler said...

What a sweet and heart warming story about Tidbit - and such a unique little name! You should link this story this coming Tuesday, on to the Tuesday's Show & Tail, at:
Angela hosts the Show & Tail party each Monday/Tuesday!

Kelly said...

I love Tidbit's unusual markings, but I have always had an appreciation for the "unique". It must have to do with the fact that I'm an artsy person. I love how verbal Tidbit is, but alas, I do not want to take her home either.

bunny, The Paris House said...

Such a charming story about Tidbit. I love that name. Our cat is PawPaw. She is lucky that she has you and you love her! How sweet.

Elena said...

What a cute kitty! We would love to get a puppy and a kitten for Mary is a couple of years.