Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Perfect Day to Go....

We had errands to run.
Both Georgia and I.
She.... to the Restaurant Store for Plates
to be used at church.
Me..... to Fillmore Container, Inc. for
my initial supply of jars and soy to 
begin making candles for the Fall and 
Christmas Season.

We scoped out the weather for the 
week and decided that Friday would be 
our best option.  

Then we made our plans.
Chelsea would gladly go with us,
that was no surprise.
That Jonathan wanted to come...
this was a surprise.
So...the three of us waited in the driveway
for Grandma Georgia to arrive in her truck.

This trip required a truck.
Such a haul we had planned!

I was thinking of you...yes, YOU!
So...I made Georgia get out and take 
a photo with the kids before we left.
I don't think she was very happy....

Chelsea either...
but you can't keep good ladies down.
Soon they were up to their usual antics and having a great time!

Jonathan was showing much emotion
on this Friday.
See the difference?

Apparently trucks require gasoline
in order to run....and the best price 
to be found was at the corner of 896
and Route 30.

Georgia loves it when you snap her 
picture without any warning.
Go ahead.  
Try it!
She'll squeal a little and say your 
name in a stern voice...but don't let
her fool you.
And don't you think she is all framed so 
nicely in the mirror?

Of course she is!

Well, Target was the next stop.
But on our way we drove across Route 30.
I spotted this sign.  
This was the best I could do, Miss Paula.
We were stopped for a light and short of 
pushing the car in front of me I couldn't 
get past this pole.

This was the day that The Celtic Women
were performing at The American Music Theater.
I had checked for tickets but they were sold
out a long time ago!

A little Chelsea and Jonathan photo
at Target...
just to prove we were there.
They love it sooooo much when
I act like a tourist.
Trust me...wink!

We didn't get excited about much there.
Just a shirt for Chelsea...it does look nice on her.

Then to lunch.
So across Witmer Road and over to 340 
where we arrived at our next much anticipated

We highly recommend this place.
Georgia discovered it with some friends
of hers and we just cross our fingers and hope
to need to run across here for church supplies.
We have mastered the art of timing 
it to coincide with lunch!
Chelsea recommends the Tomato Bisque while
Georgia nearly always gets the Veggie Quesadilla.
Stuffed full of every veggie under the sun!
I watched a couple of planes take off from 
the Smoketown airport, which is right behind the 
restaurant.  This was the first time I had been seated 
to see out the window.
Kind of fun!

As for me...I delayed the process of taking drink orders 
by taking 
photos of Roosters!  

Did you hear that there is 
a huge Rooster party coming up on Friday???
Barb at Bella Vista is the hostess. 
She puts so much of herself 
into this delightful 
So anyway..our server was amused, I think!
Just meant to be, I guess.  
I mean, they didn't have any roosters the last time 
we visited T. Burk & Co.

After lunch it was off to The Restaurant Store.

Anything you might need to run a Restaurant
or Food Service.
We like to buy flavored Syrups and Teas here.
But Georgia always gets plates, cups and bowls.
By the huge box.
Good prices and great service!

Finally we made the final scheduled stop at Fillmore

Get that?  
Oh, they are clever!
Turns out the owner had lived in the house my 
Mom owns now until he was three years old.
The day we discovered this I had called in to 
place an order and I guess they were so busy 
that my call rolled over to him.  
Small world...that is for sure!
The next time I went in he 
came out of his office and we had
a very nice chat. 
His wife happened to be manning
the desk that afternoon and I found them both to 
be very nice and down to earth. 
Another reason I love to 
buy my supplies locally 
whenever possible.

On this visit
Conrad brought out my order.

I, so thoughtfully, held the cart for him 
while Jonathan stood in the back of 
the truck and stacked it full.
Ahhhh...the site of work to be completed.
It blesses my heart!

Then, we left to head back to Rockvale Square
Outlets for an impromptu look in a couple of 
stores.  It was still early afternoon and we just weren't
quite ready to head for home yet.
I kept my eye on the truck....
You just never know when someone might want
to unload your cases of styrofoam plates or dozens
of boxes of glass jars.  
You just don't never know!
That saying is for Mrs. Rabe.
Her Grandma used to say it.

Hope you have enjoyed a pleasant day 
out of doors recently.  
It is good to see the sights and 
smell that fresh country air.
'Specially in Lancaster County....
You should smell our "Fresh" Farm Air.
Nothing like it!!!

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at A Southern Daydreamer.
I do hope you'll stop by and see what others have
been up to!

Becky K.
(with Georgia, Jonathan and Chelsea)


~~Deby said...

What a fun day...love all your comments with your pictures...do you have to ask permission to put them on your blog ??? LOL ???
Soon you will be knee deep in candle making, think it helps keep you out of trouble a bit ???? ;-)

Karen said...

Love your pictures! That is a good one of Georgia at the gas pump. She's so photogenic, she surely doesn't really mind, does she?

I especially like Jonathan and Chelsea's expressions at Target. Acting like a tourist-I'll have to remember to try that sometime with the girls and see if their expressions look like your kids'. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think I knew everywhere you went today!! Thanks for the Celtic Woman peek!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It looks like you all had a fun day, and you're going to be making lots of candles! I love the Target photo. We were at Target today, and I'd have trouble getting my kids to stand there for a photo too.

Marianne@Songbird said...

Looks like you had a fun day!!

Persuaded said...

I love days like that... lots of fun, but with just enough "work" involved to keep one from feeling guilty, lol.

love the tie on your dapper young fella there;-)

Tracy F. said...

I had to laugh at your comments about the kids' pictures. Mine are the same way. Even when we ARE tourists, they don't want me to "act" like one!

Melissa G. said...

Thanks for taking us along on your day!
Good thing you had your Jonathan with you, those are a lot of boxes to load!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You are so funny...snapping pictures of the family like that! Looks like you had a great time even thought you were actually running errands!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Jonathan is crackin' me up with that outfit and briefcase....

Where is Fillmore Containers? I think I must check it out!

Kelly said...

What fun! Don't ya just love it when they act annoyed at our tourist type antics because we need photos for our blogs?! lol

Vee said...

Your family are all great sports and Jonathan...well, he's not going to win the Oscar or is he? Hmmm... Looks as if you had a great day with lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

It was fun accompanying you on your errands. Bob and I required the use of a truck, too, for a purchase that we made earlier this week.