Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Business Today....just random, scattered thoughts!

Your interest has waned....
and so has mine for the series on
running a small business.

Candles remain a passion and 
creative outlet but I am done with 
that series of posts.  I'll show you
some fun projects as we go along.

But, what to chat about today?
That is the question.

Sometimes my brain gets overloaded
with excitement and concerns 
and it freezes.  
Kind of like now.

Today is going to be a big day and I 
awoke way too early.  
Nerves... excitement....nerves!

One big and scary thing....
Warren is meeting with a surgeon.
His pain has only continued to get 
worse and he is to his final option.

Another detail laden item on the agenda
is getting fourteen ladies and children from
Lancaster to Sight and Sound to see Joseph.
We are carpooling.
I am so excited to hear their reaction.
These ladies are mere babes in the Word!
 They have been studying
Joseph's story with Mom and Georgia and 
now will get to see it unfold in front of them.
Oh...this will be good!!!

Sadly, this is happening at the same time that
Warren is seeing the surgeon.
We were unable to come up with another driver
to take the ladies so Warren will go on his own.
Hence, the added stress.
But, I know that God is able.
If Warren had needed me another driver would
have been available
to take the ladies.  

Besides, I was along to the first Bible Study that
Mom and Georgia had with these ladies and I 
cannot wait to see them.  They are dealing with 
serious life issues.  Every time they meet the prayer
requests are intense and genuine.  Chelsea and I 
are going to be watching their little ones so that 
the Mommies can enjoy the show.

Our church is providing money for us to take them 
to dinner afterward to discuss what they have seen.
This is ministry that excites me. 
Hands on...face to face!

Speaking of ministry....
just let me tell you how wonderful
God has been to me.
I have whined and complained about our home education
nearing completion.
  It is inevitable. 
Kids grow up.  
Chelsea has just a little way to go and then
she, too, will finish.
  But lately at church I have a whole 
new crop of students.  
They want to learn music!

Sundays I have been thrilled to work with at least five
children/young people after church on vocals and piano.
Be still my beating heart!
Kids who want to learn about music.
It just doesn't get any better than this!!!!

It was supposed to be just every two weeks after
Fellowship Meals.  But at this point the enthusiasm is 
there to do a little bit with them on the off weeks too.
It just gives them a little more to work on and keep 
the interest going.  
It just thrills me, so much, any time a
youngster gets excited about music!!!  

Music is the language my heart speaks!

Makes me think of my Daddy,
who is now singing Heaven's song.
He so often prayed the words of the Hymns.  
They perfectly expressed the thoughts 
and praises of his heart.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Insert big shameless grin here!

Now, to plant precious words in the 
minds and hearts of the next generation!

What has you excited lately?


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am excited by two things, lately. One is the plans for my parents to add on to our home, and the other is learning about medicinal herbs.

God's ways are so wise.

Phyllis said...

What an exciting time for these ladies. I will be praying for Warren. Have a great day. We are off today for Michigan.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the Bible Study group will have a wonderful time seeing the show and dinner afterward.

Chicken Wrangler said...

So many things going on for you right now! The music will certainly be a lift to your spirit - working with interested children is the BEST!!!

Vee said...

May Warren gets the answers he needs from the surgeon. God uses surgeons, too, to get healing accomplished.

Have fun taking these gals to the show! It sounds like excitement all over the place.

Oh how wonderful to have an opportunity to speak one of your greatest joys into some young people's lives. God doesn't leave us flailing for long.

Elena said...

My prayers are with you and your husband. What a wonderful time for the ladies in the Bible study and how exciting to teach kids music. There are a couple of ladies in our church that teach piano. I can't wait until Mary is old enough to take lessons. She loves music and we sing to her and play instruments for her to enjoy now!

Karen said...

I'm praying for Warren's appt. today-and for you, as I know how hard it must be to send him alone.

But, it sounds like you are exactly where you need to be today. Praying you feel God's special blessing as you and Chelsea minister to the ladies by watching their little ones.

Oh, do I wish you could teach my girls piano and voice! I haven't checked into voice lessons yet, but they both really want to try that. We do have a piano teacher, but with her age/occasional health issues, I may have to find another one sooner than I'd like.

As for my excitement of late? I finally got my front door stained and finished this week, after it was installed *last year*. I liked the stain so well on the inside that I went ahead and stained the outside two days after buying paint for it. (I may be painting it later because I'm not sure I like a brown front door. Sigh.)

End of today's novel. ;-)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky!

I am so excited to be here today:o) I am afraid my schedule has kept me away from the computer the last few days. I certainly must catch up on all the post I've missed here:o)

Lots of exciting times for you right now, how wonderful! I will certainly keep your dear husband my prayers.

Enjoy a beautiful week!



Brittany Ann said...

That is such wonderful news! I'm glad you'll be able to teach your love of music and worship to a whole bunch of new kids!

Susy D. said...

Well Ms. Becky - I'm late to the party so I'm not up on all you're talking about. But I will be praying for Warren, and I'm happy you found a new crop of students. I'm interested in your blogs on business, so I'll read up. And whatever it is you're doing with all those ladies sounds awesome. Whew!

Blessings (:

Tracy said...

So much on your plate, Becky--a mix of wonderful and challenges... that's life! :o) Do hope all goes well for Warren, and that the surgery will help and no more pain. Your ladies group sounds fun! And so does your music education! I am excited about some new creative plans brewing in my mind... don't have all the answers yet, but half the fun is the dreaming! Happy weekend to you & yours, Beck! ((HUGS))