Monday, August 30, 2010

It is Blue Monday Again...

Finally, An actual Blue Monday Post.

I saved this photo from our last trip to Longwood Gardens
to share on Blue Monday
I thought this dragonfly
was very cool.

Mikey was just sure that if he touched
it we would see it fly off.
But, he was wrong.
It just sat there posing.
Sunday was
a quiet day at home
after church. We were joined by
our Moms, Pastor Mike
and one of Chelsea's friends.
I grabbed the camera
and headed out to
Georgia's butterfly bush.
The butterfly that captured
my attention just happened to have
blue splashes on its wings.
So, this made me happy because I
have been having a very hard time
finding things of blue lately.

What beauty can be found when I just take the time to look.

Have a wonderful day!


Karen June Miller said...

Hi Becky!

I am really being drawn in by the short stories! I'm waiting for the next installment!

I did some catching up on your blog... Random thoughts, photos, family news... I feel like I got a good dose of Becky!

As soon as we recover from some of the slow summer finances, I would like to pick up some fall candles! I so enjoyed what I purchased before!

Smiles, KJ

JayLeigh said...

Oh, they are both so beautiful... beautiful blue treasures! That's amazing that you were able to get so close to the dragonfly! Wonderful pictures!

Pie said...

Cool photos!

My Blue Monday.

Liane said...

Ah, what a wonderful way to start my Monday! Blue jays are my favorite bird, that dragonfly looked HUGE - but a beauty, and I have an affinity for fluttery butterflies. Thank you for these pics, Becky! Blessings to you, for a great Monday!

Tracy said...

MAGIC, Becky... these moments are pure magic! :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Very nice photos!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures of nature we seldom take time to notice!

Lisa said...

Wow, that's an amazing picture. I love dragonflies!

Auntie E said...

I love that place. Will be going next weekend. Lovely captures. Love the Dragon fly ones.
Happy Blue Monday, the Kind of Blue that I like! My Blue Monday Link for you

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, you are so talented!


LV said...

I tried to get a shot of a dragonfly once, but he was too fast for me. Yours is a super shot of this one. I truly enjoyed seeing those lovely butterflies. I wish I had more of them around here.

SmilingSally said...

You've become quite an adept photographer, Becky.

Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

Mary said...

Becky, your photos are wonderful. The dragon fly is amazing and the butterfly is beautiful. They are perfect for Blue Monday. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

jlshall (Joysweb) said...

Terrific shots! We've been seeing lots of dragonflies lately, but I'm never fast enough to get a photo of one. Awesome!

Hope you have a great Blue Monday!
~ Joy @ Joysweb

Fe said... nice to see the butterfly here. I love that..nice captured of the pictures, u did a great job!

Sarah said... must be really sneaky---you got some great shots! (Unlike my post today... :)

Have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit my blog for a great giveaway!

***Visit my blog for a GIVEAWAY and new linking party!***

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was quiet here too. Lots of rest and time together. Bliss!

Our butterfly bushes have been full of butterflies this summer!

Marydon said...

Oh, Becky, what a fabulous pic of the dragonfly ... I'd love to capture one like this. I did get some of the same butterfly as yours, aren't they just beautiful.

Your roses pic ... awwww.

Let me know when you start to ship candles & I'll do a write on you.

Have a beautiful summer's day ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

The Gardener said...

Beautiful blue dragonfly! I loved catching dragonflies when I was a kid :-)

Those are lovely butterflies. I photographed almost similar to these ones in my garden this afternoon. Loved that wide-spread wings. Great captures.

Hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for stopping by my garden.

tea time and roses said...

Beautiful Blue Monday Dear Becky! Happy week to you!!



Elaine said...

I love the post for today..great photos I'm a new follower of your....will be back soon to visit.

NatureFootstep said...

we have a dragonfly similar to this one. But we don´t have that beautiful butterfly. :(

Deborah said...

Such beautiful nature photos. I love to see the butterflies. We don't see them much around here. Happy Blue Monday and thanks for sharing.

Self Sagacity said...

I love the blue dragonfly. It look just like the one on my wall. Though the one in your photograph has some gorgeous shades blues.

Tracy's corner said...

Lovely pictures! I love the butterfly.

~~Deby said...

Wow...your photos are beautiful..such did good....I am sure your imagination will help you find more BLUE...

Joy said...

Beautiful photo of the butterflies! Happy Blue Monday.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wow, you can capture some incredible images with your camera! These are wonderful. I should really join Blue Monday sometime because I have so much blue around here.

Anonymous said...

Love the close-up picture of the dragonfly.

Entertaining Women said...

Beautiful photography! Thank you for sharing. Cherry Kay

Dena E's Blog said...

Isn't it AMAZING how perfectly matched an insects wings are... Like these Beautiful creatures of Gods... It really shouldn't amaze me because God is ALWAYS sooo perfect... They are gorgeous pictures Becky... And I so enjoy receiving notes from you,,,THANKS...
Blessings and Hugs Dena

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Becky,
We have had an unusual amount of dragonflies around here this summer. And big!

Thanks for coming by my place.


barbara jean

Vee said...

Wow! Those shots are amazing! You really experimented with angles to great success!

Elena said...

Those are so very beautiful. Butterflies and dragonflies are my favorite!