Saturday, August 28, 2010

More of Jonathan's Book...

Jonathan has pleasantly surprised me by
spending hours writing.
He gets inspired and gets up early
to get these ideas into the computer.

He and I worked all morning the other
day at editing most of what he has
written so far.
Now, this is not the final edit but one
that works at 
punctuation and continuity.

It has been a while so I am going
to repost Chapter One and
then Chapter Two and a tease from
Chapter Three.

Chapter One
The Child is Born

The rain is silver.  It hasn't been silver
in two milleniums.
Rom was standing by the window 
in the one room log cabin.
The cabin built with his own hands
 for himself and his wife Reena to share.
He looked down at his hands.
So strong... and yet so helpless now.
Reena was in labor behind him and he 
didn't know how to help.
So, he stood looking out the window
randomly commenting about the weather.

Sabriella, the midwife, had come.
At least he had ridden out to get her.
That had to count for something, he thought.

"Reena, dear, I wish you could see this.
It won't happen again in our lifetime."
His wife moaned with a contraction.
Sabriella stood up and said indignantly,
"Would you shut up and go hold your 
wife's hand?  
She's going to need something
to squeeze."

Rom went over to the bedside and 
asked, "How are you doing, Hon?"
Reena grabbed his hand and squeezed
as she let out a cry.

As if from a distance Rom heard 
Sabriella say, 
"It's a girl...
but such an odd baby."

After wiping the baby clean she handed
her to her mother.

"It's amazing!" Rom said, "Her hair is as 
silver as the rain!"

Reena whispered,
"Her name is Silveea."

Chapter Two
The Stranger

Later that evening Reena was rocking Silveea.
Rom was just watching them.
He was so proud.
Sabriella had gone home for the night.

Now the fire was burning down and
Rom decided to get more wood.

"So 'yer wife had a child in the silver rain, did she?"
Rom spun around, dropping his armful of wood, to see
where the deep raspy voice had come from.
But all he saw was a small crooked man
with a white glassy eye.
Rom said, "Yes.  What concern is it of yours?"

"Well, nothing really.  I just wanted you to know
that your son will have gifts
that will make him of special interests to 
certain people...dangerous people!"
"It's a girl"  Rom interrupted.
"Mmmm then... More powerful.  I'll get to my point.
I want to help you."
The crooked man took of the hat that had been covering
his hair.  It was more silver than Silveea's.
It glowed with an unusual shine.
"I want to help you protect her." he said.
"Why?"  Rom asked, looking at the man with skepticism.
"There aren't many of us that are left and those of us who are
need to stay together!"  
The man was almost pleading  with
him now.  "Make me her Godfather. 
I swear I will guard her with my life."

Suddenly they were interrupted as Reena 
screamed from inside the cabin.
Rom was off like a shot.
Somehow, though, the crooked old man
made it to the door first.
He was holding a silver pistol in each hand.
Rom looked to the other side of the room.
All he could see was a massive shadow
moving across the room toward
Reena and little Silveea.
Reena was cradling the baby tightly against her.
Rom screamed "NOOO!"
The shadow turned with the speed and ferocity
of four wolves all rolled up into one.
The strange man did not hesitate.
He squeezed the triggers!
Blue flame shot from the barrels.
Rom had never seen weapons like that before.
The shadow erupted into blue flame.
The crooked old man bent back over 
and the guns disappeared.
He looked at Rom
"Do you still think you can handle it?"

Chapter Three....

Silveea had a fairly normal childhood.  
Her hair was accepted by the other children.
When they asked their parents about it they said,
"She's just like you only her hair is a different color."
Silveea's best friend was named Subon.
They were both twelve years old and known
as the "S" twins.
The two of them could usually be found 
pilfering something from the bakery or 
playing in the woods behind Silveea's cabin.........

That is all for now.
Hope you have a sweet weekend.

Now, I am off to help Chelsea with her algebra.
That is too funny because I don't know 
algebra.  Maybe this will be the year I learn it????



Mrs.Rabe said...

Take advantage of Teaching Textbooks! You can click on a specific problem number and go over how to that particular problem.

Karen said...

I'm loving Jonathan's story!

As for algebra-we use VideoText and it teaches things differently than I learned them back in the day. I think it's a great program but find without doing the problems, I don't retain what they teach very well so am often lost. At least there's a toll-free number for the girls to call if we can't figure something out.

Vee said...

So much for a homeschooling mom to do! Encourage the writer, help the girl with algebra, and a myriad of other talents are needed. God be with you as you do all of the above. Although I taught for many years, I know that I couldn't have homeschooled...well, I did for one year, but it nearly did me in. :D

JD said...

I'm also loving Jonathan's story, I was really getting into the story...and definitely left mefeeling like I wanted to read
good job...

Susy said...

You're one busy lady Becky. How do you do it all? Jonathan's story is intriguing... more please (:

Ms.Daisy said...

I am liking Jonathan's story. Very exciting and then...left us hanging. Can't with for the rest!