Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chelsea and Emma

There is nothing that thrills my heart
more than knowing that our boys
and Chelsea have great friends.

It is so important to choose friends 
wisely, especially during these growing 
and detaching years.

Well, one of Chelsea's closest friends is
sweet Emma of Creekside Cottage. She
her very own blog, A Fresh Perspective
from which she posts occasionally.
I would definitely love to 
see her post more often....
hint, hint!

On Sunday these girls got together to make 
Tiramisu.  They had so much fun and made 
two varieties.  
One was great, 
the other was soggy.  
Lessons learned.  
Lots of giggles were heard 
all afternoon long.   
At one point they had
 Mikey driving them to the store for more supplies
and later Jonathan filming them 
as they did a taste test.
So, it really was an all-teen project.

One thing about these girls is that they are not 
camera shy.  I had so much fun snapping away.
We had time for this while the dessert had a
time of  "resting" to set up.
Here are some photos that won't get me
in trouble with 
the girls...

They are so precious!
Thanks, girls, for letting me have fun
with my camera.

And to you readers,
thanks for your encouragement 
on my photos yesterday.
They were so much fun to capture.

Have a great day!


Vee said...

Beautiful girls who share a beautiful friendship. I imagine that it will be a forever one.

jAne said...

the best kind of friends. :o)


p.s. i love tiramisu

Chicken Wrangler said...

No, those girls are NOT camera shy! Great expressions!

Anonymous said...

They are wonderful pictures of Chelsea and Emma. It looks like they were having a good time relaxing while the dessert was resting.

Mrs.Rabe said...

They are sweet friends. I am so happy about that!

Great photos of our beautiful young women!

Nezzy said...

How very precious the love of a good friend is. It looks like your gals had a blast together. Cherish 'em, good friends are simply priceless and it looks like you hit the jackpot!!!

God bless ya and have yourself the most beautiful day! :o)

AkaPJTheGreat said...

where would I be without my girl time, and where would I be without my teenage memories of fun and laughter... in a much sadder world, that's where.

Emily said...

I try to post more! Really I do!..but I don't :-/

Anyhow, thanks for putting up with me :) it was lots of fun!

Persuaded said...

Two beautiful girls with such sweet smiles♥

Susy at The Feathered Nestest said...

Those are beautiful pictures of beautiful girls. Love the shot of Warren asleep in the hammock with the headset on. Blessings, Susy

Karen said...

Such cute pictures!

Chelsea always makes me hungry! Tiramisu, indeed! You really need to live closer to us.

Elena said...

Those are such cute pictures of the girls. I loved how you captured their personalities!