Monday, August 16, 2010

Only Mikey!

All photo credits:  Mikey's friend, Gabriel

Mikey and his friend, Gabriel
decided to see which was faster,
Gabriel's horse or Mikey's dirt
bike. So they set up a course.

They rode the course, racing for
best time.

Horse -1
Dirt Bike - 1
Tied - 1

So funny and creative.

When they told me they were going
to race I was picturing them
going side by side and was very
concerned about the horse.

But I should have known better.
They are very smart guys.

Gabriel's Dad was supervising too.
So...that was all good.
Just good clean fun.
I am so impressed that the horse 
let Mikey on it with all of his gear on.
Great Horse!!!

By the way, 
I hear that right after this photo was
snapped Mikey ended up 
taking a quick trip to the ground.

Have a great day!
We are freezing corn today.....
so I am off to prepare.


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is so funny!

jAne said...

fun ..
i've never seen someone on horseback, dressed in quite
this way. hm. ;o)


Vee said...

Cute pictures! Sorry that Mikey landed on the ground the fast way, but it's an impressive shot. Enjoy the corn freeze. Sounds so labor intensive...

Chicken Wrangler said...

What amusing photos!!! Love em!

LV said...

That is a super post for today. I love fresh corn anyway it is fixed. I wish I was there to help you and enjoy it too.

Elena said...

That is just too funny! Great photo of Mikey on the horse. That could go in a photo contest for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of Mikey on the horse. What a fun time, a horse race and a dirt bike race.

Emily said...

haha! they are funny guys! lol