Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall Nesting...I am So Ready!!!!


Blue Skies
Hay Bales!

Autumn is also...

Starry Skies,

This fabulous season is
nearly upon us.

To this I throw my arms wide
open and say,

I've been waiting all year
to see you again!"

For more posts about Fall or Autumn
anticipation visit Melissa at The Inspired Room.
She is getting us excited about Fall Nesting.
I didn't need much help to get mentally ready,
however, my home needs some Fall decor if it is
going to reflect the excitement I feel.

I'll have to get on that!

The signs of Autumn are all around us...

This morning there was a mist over the cornfield.
It was so lovely...there are just so many
things to love about this terribly short season.

Before we know it geese will be winging their way
south, singing as they go.

I look forward to seeing what you have posted about
regarding Fall.


common ground said...

Hi Becky, beautiful photo of the trees. You are so right, it is a terribly short season. Fall is my favorite, and it is gone before I know it, so I have to start early!
Come by for a visit when you can.

Robin said...

I'm so glad you're ready too!!!
I love your thoughts...Happy Nesting
All Things Heart and Home

Ronda said...

Mornin sweet Becky,
I am like you...Fall is my favortie time of year! Cool air, crispy crunchy leaves, changing colors on trees, candy corn, pumpkins, hot cocoa or hot cappuccino, and it seems family is around much more.
I live how beautifully God paints the seanery.

Have a fabulous day.

Love & Prayers,

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love it all...growing up in Southern California we only had two seasons. Summer and not Summer. :) No Autumn. No winter.

Living here I get to revel in Autumn.

It is delightful to my soul!

Carla said...

What beautiful foliage! Our trees have not started yet, but I am ready!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I am starting to look forward to the days of Autumn.
♥, Susan

Elena said...

It is so fun to see Fall coming. The angle of the sun leaning to the south and we have Canadian Geese migrating. I love to see their "V" formation and their honking. Mary gets so excited when she hears them coming!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

thanks for sharing your nesting post! xo

Debbie Pearson said...

Becky are your trees already that colorful? I do believe we are in for an early fall this year with all the rain and cooler weather we had in the midwest. I love this time of year, but do tend to dread the really cold weather that comes afterward.

Joyce said...

I forget how quickly the leaves change up in your area this time of the year. Here in the south most of our trees stay green all year but our lawns turn brown. It is way to hot for me to start buying Mums here so I need to wait a few more weeks before I can decorate outside. Off to the beach now for some last rays of sun.

Pearl Maple said...

Pretty post full of all the lovely things of the season. Looks like you are in full swing in celebrating the fall nesting party.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Beautiful shots of the fall trees...great post...even it it is almost 90 degrees here right now...I can dream!!!