Thursday, September 17, 2009

See You Soon...

I am working a bit over
at the Candle Website.

I had some orders to fill
so I am taking advantage of
having candles to photograph.

Bit by bit I will have more
on that site.

Taking this kind of
photo is definitely not
my strength. Just know that
these look better in person.
I will keep working at it and
will improve, I promise.

I also added seven new fragrances
to the list:
Caramel Apple
Cucumber Mint
Grandma's Kitchen
and my favorite...Orange Clove.

I have melted wax waiting for
me...see you later!

Have a great day!


Melissa G. said...

ohh, those scents sound lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
I love candles!!! During autumn, I like cinnamon apple. During the spring, I like fruity or cumcumber scents.

Enjoy your day!

~~Deby said...

the scents sound wonderful...and I also have read some of your other posts this morning..and will pray for Mikey and your mom....
it feels good to be coming back to blogland, bit by bit..