Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bon Voyage...Mom and Mikey

Mom and Mikey are in the air!
The connection in Atlanta appears
to have been seamless. They called
from the gate and had arrived before
the rest of the mission team.

The kids and I headed to the store
yesterday morning to pick up a few
last things. Mikey wanted to buy a
football and a soccer ball to take
for playing with the children. He
found both, came home and deflated
them and has a pump to reinflate both
of them in El Salvador. He is soooo
excited. He also bought gum, candy and
has other food items to share.

Mom has lots of matchbox cars, Wordless
Book bracelets and treats to share.
All of this, of course, will be an aside
to the medical and dental treatment given
by the doctors and dentists.

It is our prayer and hope that many will
be able to hear the Gospel message and see
the Love of Jesus shining through the mission

Anyway, while we were at the store to purchase
those last minute items I spotted a few fall items
that just had to be brought together for a
send off dinner.

I love the placemats!
Don't you?

The day will come when I regularly
use fabric cloths but while I picked one
up and loved it, I put it back because
I know the plastic one will last on my
table longer since we can just wipe it
clean. It is more practical
for us right now. I like it!

So, our guests for dinner were Mom,
Pastor Mike and the boys friend, Chris.

It was so nice.
Jonathan and I ate quickly and then ran
off to his bowling social. That was interesting
because we got stuck in construction traffic and
then could not find the bowling alley. It is a
very tiny place down under a building in downtown
Ephrata. We were a good half an hour late...
I hate being late and even worse, after we parked
in a nearly empty and scary parking garage in an
alley and found the place we realized we had left
our bowling bags in the trunk. I must have had
the most unhappy expression on my face since Jonathan
had just reminded me of this just as our hostess came
over. I think she thought I was unhappy with the
event...that wasn't it, at all. I was just not happy
with ourselves that we had to trek back up the steps
and through the alley to our lonely car on the upper

Jonathan had a great time. He loves time one on one
with Warren or I. Isn't that awesome for an eighteen
year old? I told him that I hoped I wouldn't embarrass
him and he wasn't worried a bit about it. Love that kid!

One of the other graduates came over to me at one point
and said, "Are you transportation?" I admitted that I
was, but thought to myself, "But much more than that,
Young One. I am his Mother!"

We came home to sleep for a few hours before it was
time to send the travelers on their way...

This was Mikey just before 4am.

We just want to say "Thank You" to those friends and family
members who sent financial gifts completely from the goodness of
your own hearts. We did not send any letters or make any
requests...your generosity has blessed a big way!!!
You know who you are!

I must run. Jonathan is going to help build a horse barn for
our friends, The Rabes. He is excited to help and is sitting
across from me...just waiting for me to let him drive over.
It has been a while since he used his learner's permit. So we
shall see what he remembers.

Happy Saturday to YOU!



Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the placemats! Very cute!

I am so happy that Ruth and Mikey made their connection! Awesome! I know she was worried about that! Did he like flying? Should be right up his alley!

Speaking of alley...sorry you had a rough start to your evening, but so happy you had fun with Jonathan. It is a blessing to have such relationships with our kids.

See you later!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Good morning Becky,
Just popping in to say hello. The green colour of the plate is very nice! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


SmilingSally said...

He looks pretty good for so early in the morning. Ah, youth!

I think it's wonderful that he's on this trip, and I know that he will be blessed by it.

detweilermom said...

I have been praying for your family. Glad your son and mother made their connection. My two older kids really enjoyed the socials before graduation and they were glad to meet other graduates.

Carol said...

Your dinner table is so inviting! So glad Mikey & your Mom made smooth connections at the airport. Looking forward to hearing all about their mission trip.

Have a blessed day,

Elena said...

I'm so glad all went smoothly for your son and mom. Missions trips are such a blessing!

Melissa G. said...

Glad to hear that the connection was made with out any trouble. I'm sure that calmed your heart a bit.

You son sure looks bright and ready to go for being so early!

And your fall table looks so great!