Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turkey Feeder and Mission Update...Totally unrelated!

Good Morning to You!

In Lancaster County we have
cloudy skies and chilly
temperatures. I love this
weather...it means my comforter
has returned to the bed.

For some reason I sleep
so much better with
all of that comfy goodness.

Are you curious as to
what this might be?

I was.

It is a turkey feeder.
Found in the mountains
at the next door cabin.

It seems to me that if you
are interested in a big, meaty
turkey for Thanksgiving you just
have to feed it corn from this
handy gadget and bide your time.

Actually, the turkey population is thriving
up there. It is the wildlife we see most
frequently. Flocks of wild turkeys.

Must be because people have fed them for
so many years, although I have never seen
food in this one.

I heard from Mom after their first day
in the Jungle Village yesterday. It seems
that all went well. The bus ride was long,
hot and scary but she and Mikey were able to
be a big help and more than 300 people were
seen by the medical team.

She said Mikey cleaned and bandaged a skinned
knee of a little girl. She was so pleased that
she went around and showed her band-aid to
anyone who would look. Cute! I can
just barely imagine Mikey cleaning up the blood.

Rather than playing with the older
children as he was expected to do,
they ended up using Mikey as crowd
control. He shuffled the people from
one place to another. Mom dispensed the
medicines that the Doctor Prescribed.
Sounds interesting. She said it was
scary at first....but...
it sounds like all is well.

The team has been told that this
was expected to be the hardest day.
Today it is off to another village.
I'll bet now that they have an
idea of what to expect it will
be easier.

Tomorrow they will do a bit of
sight seeing.

Hope your day is delightful.

See you later.



SmilingSally said...

Your son will come home with glazed eyes because of all of his new experiences.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Mikey's life will never be the same. Just having these kinds of experiences will change him.

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Thanks for the update on your family. I have been thinking a lot about them and including them in my prayers.

I would have guessed a deer feeder. There are other round feeders I have seen in the woods. Perhaps those are deer feeders.

Stay@homemommy said...

I can't wait to grab my comforter! Today is supposed to be 94 yesterday was 104 I am hoping the 94 sticks!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

How awesome to live where you see wildlife all the time. We lived in Kodiak, Alaska for 3 years, and wildlife is what I miss the most. Enjoy them for me ;~)

shopannies said...

I love the wonderful soy candles we have several of them I find they burn longer, smell better and look prettier