Friday, September 25, 2009

Beautiful Life Friday...

This is a Beautiful Life Post.
Finding the beauty in our everyday is there!
Some weeks we look a little
harder than others...but we
can always find it!

Visit Melissa today and make
the struggles of a frustrating
internet connection worth her while.
Thanks Melissa for all of your efforts
on our behalf!

I do live a charmed life.
We aren't anything special...
just God fearing Americans
who work hard every day.

But as I look at the beauty
around me and the family I am
blessed with I know how good
it is.

With Mom and Mikey in El Salvador
I have been walking her dog, Bear,
in the mornings. One morning the
corn I was passing looked so neat.
At that time it was draped in fog.
But later in the day when I had time
to wander and take a few pictures
the fog had lifted and it was framed
against a blue sky.

Chelsea asked where I was going as I
left the house. When I replied that
I was going to take photos of the corn
she thought I had finally gone past the
bend...that one in your mind that you
should never go know?

But look how artistic corn can be.

Apparently the squirrel that
was moving this ear of corn
was disrupted on his way...

It was just lying in Georgia's
green, green grass.

That was the same day I found the monarchs
happily on the Butterfly bush...and these...

Orange fungi in my neighbor's yard.
I wonder if she saw me taking these pictures?

Life is good!

Georgia has returned home from three weeks on
the road. She has many stories to tell and
we enjoyed just the beginning last evening
over dinner.

There are a couple of serious prayer requests
coming in from El Salvador...some of the members
of the Mission Group live in Honduras. With the
recent return of the exiled President the borders
have been closed. They are uncertain as to when
they will be able to return and on top of that
a large amount of money was stolen from them and
this leaves them in a tough spot. So, I am requesting
prayer that God would work in a very obvious and
faith building way.
To open doors (borders) and move in hearts
so that this situation would be resolved.

Mom and Mikey are well.
A bit homesick from the sounds of
things. We will be so happy to see
them!! They say they have many stories
to tell but are afraid those stories will
end up here and they wouldn't get to be the
first to tell them to many friends.
I said I wouldn't...but...
their lips are sealed.
I guess we all have to wait.
At least then I will have pictures
if I am allowed to share.

Happy Beautiful Friday to you.

Your Friend,



Diann @ The ThriftyGroove said...

It's th simpliest things that make a day beautiful isn't it? It looks like it was a beautiful day when you took those pictures! The sky was so vibrant.

Have a wonderful weekend!

thank you for stopping by my blog!

SmilingSally said...

It makes me want to sing, "For the beauty of the earth ... "

Stay@homemommy said...

Wonderful photos! Have a fabulous Friday!

Elena said...

Great pictures of the corn and the fungi. Being in another country really makes you homesick for home. I'm sure you will be so happy when they are home safe again. Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings, Elena

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Yes you are right! Corn can be very artistic, especially when someone with an eye takes great pictures!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Can't wait to hear the stories!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Thanks for coming to my aid regarding the scones. I will try a mix. I have always followed recipes to the letter and I don't know the "science" behind recipe ingredients.

Prays for your family and the Hondurans.