Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Birds...A Makeover!

Do you remember this bird?

Not the cat, silly.
The bird in front of her.

I found two of these at Target
for a very sweet price!

Now, as they were, I found them a tad
Poe-ish. I did think I saw a cute potential
under all of that Raven-look.

So outside at the picnic table
I sprayed them with a
cream spray paint.

After some drying time out came my
favorite new tool...some stain.

The tiniest bit of stain on a paper
towel left just the right amount of
color on the feathers for these birds.

Finally, they are dry and ready to go
into a little vignette...

O.k. so they won't win any awards,
but they are so much
sweeter looking now.
I don't have nightmares
after looking at them!

And the price was just right!

I'll be offline for a while.
Things are a bit crazy around
here. Warren is slowly improving
from his weird flu/back injury/
fever thing....we have a neighborhood
picnic...a brief trip to the mountains...
Lots of catching up time when we get to do on the church
website which will eat up
some computer time.
By then I will be sooo anxious to
get back here again.

See you in a week...or less!
Now I am going to look back for
some of my favorite past stories
to schedule for auto-posts.
The Farmer's Wife did this while
she was away and I loved reading
her I am stealing her
idea...well, they say imitation is the
sincerest form of flattery...right?

I'll be one year older when I come
back...Whew! This year flew by!

Hope your week is filled with



southerninspiration said...

happy Birthday! Love your little birds!


stefanie said...

happy b-day, hope all your wishes come true!!!! what a great price on those birds!

detweilermom said...

Have a happy birthday. Hope you have a great trip. The birds look awesome. You are so talented. Thanks for the encouragement over the last week. Looking forward to reading your olies but goodies.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great job with the birdies!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love the birdie makeover! Have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and I will see you when you get back to Blogland.

Birthday HUGS,

LV said...

Happy birthday to you and many more blessed ones. You did a remarkable job on changing the birds. I have a safe time off and trust all your family will be well again.

Elena said...

I love the birds. In the first picture, I thought it was real and wondered how you caught it being so still! Have a blessed week and you said you would be a year older, so Happy Birthday!!

KJ said...

Woo woo! Love what you did to those even sweeter (now) birdies! I am on such a bird kick lately! I even got a book with bird illustrations and bird calls. Perhaps I have fallen out of my nest! LOL!

Have a great weekend!