Thursday, September 3, 2009

Decorating Brought Memories....

This Fall Nesting Party is nudging me
to decorate when normally in our
current circumstances I would decide
I didn't have the time. Warren is sick,
we are preparing to take a quick trip to
the mountains, and on and on...
I mean, here it is, 11:20pm and as I
waited for a last load of
wash to finish up, I spied some items in
the laundry room that will do very nicely
for Fall decor.

They are not where they will end up,
but they are all lined up on my big
windowsill waiting their distribution
around the house.

Many of these are large, anchor type
pieces. I see several vignettes coming

However, the most emotional piece, by far
is this plate.

It was once owned by Warren's
Grandma Charlotte.

Grandma was a Moravian.
It was not uncommon at her home
to sit down to a meal and say the
Moravian Blessing before taking one bite.

Be Present at our Table Lord,
Be here and everywhere adored.
From Thy all bounteous hand our food,
May we recieve with gratitude.

I am fully aware that this
is not orange or yellow,
but this message
will take us right
through Thanksgiving.

Grandma Charlotte died at age 91 just
weeks after my Dad died. I will be
honest and say that my grief for her was
muted in comparison. It wasn't that I
didn't love her, for I did. But as the
years went by Grandma begged God to take
her home. She got more and more frail and
then began to lose touch with reality sometimes.

It is only now, as time has passed that the
longing to spend time with Grandma Charlotte
grows stronger and I find myself thinking of
her and the things she would love.
I remember how she was always
the life of whatever party at
which she appeared.

One of my favorite things about our
families is that we often spent major holidays
combining my parents and Warren's parents and
Grandmother. I'll never forget Christmas 2004,
our last Christmas together.
On this Christmas night Grandma
wanted to play my piano and sing.
She DID play the piano, boy did she, and led us in
Jesus Loves Me, This I know....over and
over again.

It was new for her every time.

We laughed until we cried.
Oh, it was precious!
I will never forget my Dad's wonderful voice
booming out across the room
or the wink he gave me
as he sang.

It was delightful! the way, isn't that just the sweetest message to
reintroduce to your brain every few minutes?

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know!!!
For the Bible tells Me so!

Fall Nesting has its perks!
Thanks Melissa!
I wouldn't have wanted to miss
this reminiscence for anything.

I am going to hook this up to
Julia's "Hooked On" Party because
anyone who reads here frequently
knows I am "Hooked On" my family!



Carol said...

Thanks so much for sharing your precious memories of your Grandma & Dad. How special our memories are!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sweet memories for sure!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, lovely plate and lovely memories. Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Have a wonderful Labor Day.

Barb :-)

Elena said...

I love the plate and hearing the wonderful memories behind it. Family is so precious!

Tracy said...

What a beatuiful post.