Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fox, The Turkeys and More...

Sunday morning was one of those
days that the harder we tried to get
out of here the more things got
in the way...

It was my turn to make breakfast
for church, there was music to go
over once we got there, it was Fellowship
Meal so I had a crockpot of chicken to
prepare and take...and I was determined to
get our church directory done and
distributed that day.

Kelly and I had been working on it and
it was finally at a point that I could
finish it up.

So...I needed to leave early and get over
to the church to set up the breakfast
and run through music.

I figured I would work on the directory
after the fellowship meal...we always end
up there most of the afternoon anyway.

Of all mornings, Mikey did not set his
alarm so he did not get up when he usually
does. We had to wake him, so he was off by
at least a half an hour.

I tried to call the Moms to see if one of
them would bring him with them but there
was no answer on either of their phones.

So, we began to load up the car and I
gave him instructions to catch up with one
of the Grandmas before they left and catch
a ride.

Suddenly Chelsea was talking to my Mom who
was in the field, across the street with her
dog, Bear. I turned to ask her about Mikey
and all of a sudden, that fox, was running behind her.

I don't know if it had been running along behind
she and Bear the whole time or if it had been
sleeping in the field and they woke it up.
But, whatever the case it was really close.

We are so glad that Bear did not see it because
he would not have hesitated to go after it...
he did that before but when there was a larger
distance separating them and the fox got away.

This fox is so pretty.
It does not appear to be ill in any way.
But, it doesn't seem to have that fear of humans
that I think it should have.

That was Sunday!

Yesterday I was working on some vacation plans
for sometime next month and the phone rang.

It was my neighbor Ellen.

She told me to come look in the field
across the street and tell her if these
were wild turkeys.

I took these pictures as they crossed in
front of my house...

Ellen pulled right up beside them but they did not change course.
They just kept going in their line across the field.

As I came back into the house, Ellen shouted that I had better
post these on the blog...so here you are, Ellen.

So, I can't wait to see what is next...

A Bear?
Mountain Lion?
We've had deer.

You never know...It is NEVER dull
here. Never!

Last night we and the Moms met at my Mom's
house for Chinese and vacation planning.

It took hours but it was fun.

Having all of these animals makes it interesting.

We will be going in shifts so that there is
always someone here to take care of all of
our cats, dogs, and chickens.

If it were one or two it would not be such a
big thing...but with a combined three dogs, five
cats and four chickens between our three houses...
It really doesn't help that our Kimmy is anti-social.
I don't know if I totally trust her.
She has a grudge against Mrs. Rabe and has snapped
at her. Scary!

So, anyway, we are very much looking
forward to some time
in Sunny Florida next month.

I have big plans to get back to St. Simon's Island in
Georgia on the way...and then a first time trip to
St. Augustine! Love history and old buildings!!!!

There are many family members to visit while we are there,
as well. So that had to be figured in to the planning.
Our kids are more excited about seeing their second cousins
than they are about the beach or the Kennedy Space Center.

We plan to skip the major money traps like Disney World and
Sea World. We have nothing against them except the price tag
and the reports we have gotten from others that you really have
to dedicate days to them and we just need to make this
trip as economical
as is humanly possible.
Thankfully, the gas prices have dropped very nicely...

Are you making vacation plans this year?
If so...what are you thinking of doing?

Any good suggestions for things we should do
or see while in Florida?

Have a great day!
If you think of it you could
pray for my friend, Sue, who is
having a knee replacement surgery
today...she is a sweetie and will
be out of commission for the
next few weeks.
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

Love Florida... you will have a blast in St. Augustine.

Need a favor... my cousin's son, Daniel, is in the hospital with a ruptured appendix and gangrene. He is 16 and is really sick. Would you add him to your church's prayer circle?

Becky K. said...

Terri...I will gladly be praying and ask our church to be doing the same. A friend's nephew went through that last year. It was very serious but he made it through.


Carol said...

Have a terrific day Becky! I will be praying for Sue today.

Tracy said...

I'm tired just reading this post!! We are going to Disney World this coming Sept. The cool part is my in- laws are paying!!

lady jane said...

St Augustine . . . can I come?

Speaking of animals, that bully cat was on my patio this morning. We were separated by the slider, otherwise I think he'd be toast for sure and for certain. grrr.

We have a squirrel (Sammy) living in our yard somewhere. Every morning I hear him scampering on the roof and sometimes I find Sammy and tHat cAt talking to one another (i kid you not) in the backyard.

Bless your day.

Elijah's Mommy said...

You're coming to Florida!? Woohoo! All those places you mentioned are great! I've wanted to take Geoff to St. Augustine for ages!

Mrs. Rabe said...

You will really like the fort at St. Augustine. And we used to do the Space Center every year! Very cool! Ask me about the Education Building.....free.....learning.....:)