Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still Waiting!

What a disappointment!

There is no snow or any precipitation
happening outside right now.

Now, I do believe that we will get
something can smell it in
the air...but will it be snow? Ice?

When will it come?

The moon had a huge ring around
it last night at 11:30 pm,
as we came home from
Bible Study.


And I was so ready!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stay safe!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

Surely it will come today! Do you have your ingredients for snow ice cream? Maybe that's what is holding everything up!

lady jane said...


That cool crisp air will soon welcome the white stuff. Wish I were there to see it!

Terri and Bob said...

We have had snow showers on and off today and I don't even think anything was predicted for us!

Kelly said...

We, too, are sooo disappointed. We were looking forward to a day of sledding. We only received a dusting and now it is sleeting. We didn't get a good snow for sledding last year. I certainly hope we'll get enough for at least one sledding day today.